Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

26 May 2014

About courage and running with it

I had really not planned to start this blog so soon. Not that it has not been on my mind, on the contrary. I have been thinking about it for months, but always allowed myself 'chicken out' because more research was needed, or more long term planning was required, more structure and strategie behind it and foremost no time (at least untill the boys go to nurserie).

And then last thursday came and I just did it. I felt there is no time like the present and you can learn from your mistakes. Things do not need to be poured into concrete. I decided to see this proces more dynamic.

So here I am writing my second blog post with no set rules, but lots of ideas.

My main reason for wanting to start writing is to share my quilt adventures with the online quilt community. As a mum of 3 I take what I can get in terms of sewing time.
This leaves little room for face to face interaction with other quilters. But over the last years I have discovered by following many other blogs that there are many people out there like me and online sharing is a great opportunity to keep in touch. So far I have oehed and ahhed over the creations of others while limiting my own contributions to the odd comment here or there.

Not any more, I feel ready to start sharing some of my own WIPs, Finishes and ideas. It is a very scary thought, but at the same time there is a part of me whose confidence has grown enough to try it in the hope of being inspired and challenged.

So as today is monday I thought I would link to Monday Makers. It is a German linky party hosted by Aynil-Nilya and Susanne from Quilt it out

We recently went on a holiday and I took one of my WIPs, my Hexi EPP, along for the ride. A few more got added and at the end of the holidy there are a total of 630 pieced together.

As a treat I made myself a road trip case. I had bought the pattern recently from Noodlehead and it came together very easy.

There you go my second post!
Till next time,



  1. Liebe Iris,
    das Road Trip Case habe ich neulich auch genäht - und dann gleich noch eines für meine Tochter und ihre Stifte und den ganzen Schnickschnack... Das macht richtig Spaß, stimmt's? Ich finde Deinen Außenstoff super!
    LG, Sandra

    1. Danke Sandra, Eigentlich wollte ich mit dem Stoff ein Cover fuer meine Naehmachine naehen, aber als dieser Schnitt auf meinem Weg kam konnte ich nicht anders. Die Anleitung ist super easy.

  2. Well done :-) !
    I mean your bog post as well aus your relly nice bag!
    Thanks for linking with Monday Maker!

    1. Lieben Dank! Hoffe das noch viele folgen :)

  3. Love your Road Trip Case! I also bought the Noodlehead pattern! It’s on my list to make one shortly! Those hexagons are amazing!

  4. Hallo Iris,
    die Frage mit dem deutsch sprechen, hat sich wohl schon erledigt ;-) Deine Version von Noodleheads Roadtrip Case sieht richtig klasse aus, ich mag ihre Anleitungen auch sehr! Wenn du gerne BOMs bzw. Langzeitprojekte nähst, wäre dann nicht auch der German City Sampler QAL etwas für dich? Er startet am 01. Juni. LG, Martina

  5. Die Tasche ist super und erst recht der Stoff! Würdest Du verraten, wo Du ihn her hast? Viele Grüße, Christiane

    1. Lieben Dank fuer dein Kommentar. Welcher Stoff genau moechtest du wissen?