Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 May 2014

Friday Finish and how I became a Bee

2 birthday crowns, check
2 cakes, check
pressies, check
What else do we need for  a party? It seems we are all set for a lovely birthday party tomorrow.

I also finished my bee blocks for Linda last night. I had finished Kathies earlier in the month. Maybe she will post about them herself when she receives all of them?!
This is the second round of our virutal Bee 'Joining hands' and the first bee I ever joined.

I follow zusjeB's blog and she posted last year she was joining a bee and that there were still spaces available. I had been looking for a virtual bee for ages. So I put on my naughty boots (its a dutch figure of speech, nothing kinky) and wrote Corinne who had initiated the flickr group if she would consider me joining. She kindly obliged and that is how I became a Bee. 

More on this bee in my next post. I will be one of the queen bees next month. 

Untill then have a great weekend, we will be enjoying even more kids in the house and lots of cake :)
I am linking up to TGIFF over at MsMidge today and to finish it up friday from crazymumquilts



  1. Those crowns look perfect! What a fun idea! I like your bee blocks too. I've always wanted to be in a bee but it has always been a bad time for me when they start.

  2. Hallo Iris,
    die Geburtstagskronen sehen ja lustig aus, da wünsche ich dem Geburtstagskind alles Gute! Die Bee-Blöcke bringen die Tiere im Mittelblock richtig gut zur Geltung! GlG, Martina