Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

28 May 2014

WIP Work space, scrappy trip and happy birthday crowns

I recently moved to the cellar. I tried sharing a room with my Hubbie, but alas that did not really work out.
He finds my sewing machine too loud and my style got cramped by his teleconferences. So in all our best interest I decided to move to the washing cellar.
Which is not as bad as it sounds. In Germany most houses have a washing cellar. It is a cellar space that has a window (albeit small) and heating to dry laundry. Ours also has our central heating in it too.

Warning with it being a cellar the lighting conditions for taking photo's are shocking! (there is another WIP for me ;))

This is what it looked like this morning:

 The HUGE advantage with being in the cellar is that I can just leave things as they are, when I need to, nap times are not always as long as I need them to be......
A tiny disadvantage is that it gives me the oppotunity to work on multiple projects at the same time, which inadvertedly becomes messy.
So this morning I decided to have a bit of a tidy and a clean.

Now it looks like:

I use an IKEA kitchen island as cutting/sewing table. After our move to our current house we did not have a real use for it, but I am glad we stored it in our garage for the time being. It comes in great now.

My Hubbie made me a design wall out of steropor wrapped in batting. It is quite big and another big advantage to the cellar. With a nicely cleaned worktop everything feels so much more organized....

I am still very much looking for organisation. So it is very much still WIP until everything falls in its natural place.

However that did not stop me from making some Scrappy round the world blocks for a swap I am hosting on Swap-bot. So that's my second WIP.

And my last WIP for this week are birthday crowns for my boys.

I made this crown for my daughters last birthday and the boys absolutly love it, so I decided to make them their own for when they turn 2 this saturday. 

and let's bee social from sew fresh quilts

Till next time!


  1. Your space looks great! I love having my own place to create, and I know you will enjoy it too. I also really like how you have your rulers hanging on the side.

  2. How nice to have you OWN sewing space! That big kitchen island is great! Even has storage! Sounds like you are happy with the move. And those fabrics you have set out to make crowns are wonderful. Your boys will be so pleased!

  3. Love your working space, you can do so muh there. Congratulation on the crowns they are beautiful.