Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

16 Jun 2014

Fever all around

I got into a great flow over the weekend and not only caught up on my blocks from last week but also managed to make this weeks blocks (5 + 6). The Tula fever keeps rising with every block I make.

Block 3: Delfts Blauw I am unbelievably chuffed with how this block came out. It totally connects me to my Dutch roots. 
Block 4: Lemon Meringue
More fun with matching fabrics and a great outcome.
Block 5: Zebra Crossing. Block 6: Honey

In her book, Tula really encourages you to name the blocks yourself and with block 3 and 4 it came easily. Block 5 (zebra crossing) just feels right and Honey (block 6) also makes perfect sense to me. However Block 1 (with the pink in it) and block 2 (with the teal in it) proved more challening.

All blocks so far
For the moment block 1 will have to be Candy pinwheel. The best I can do for block 2 is Intersection. But to be honest both names don't really wow me. I might change them when I get a spark of inspiration.

On Saturday while still high on our 5-1 win against Spain I decided to treat myself. I went to the weekly market in Venlo and scored some real bargains. I am a sucker for a bargain. The bottom row were all Fabrics priced at 4€/m

I am looking forward to more soccer matches and hope that the Netherlands can keep up their flying start.

Linking up to monday makers from Aynil and Susanne and Tuesday Block building from Jen and Quiltstory Fabric Tuesday

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  1. Your blocks are lovely and that striped fabric on the bottom right is fantastic!!