Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

6 Jun 2014

First Paper piecing party

There I was, mentioning how lucky I'd been making lots of blocks on tuesday and then chaos tried to take over. By now I know that I need to go with the flow, rather then try to fight it. 

So there wasn't much more sewing done but then there was that one naptime when C & K decided that having a nap together is more fun after all. I was then able to drop everything else, run to my dungeon and whip up some fussy cut square blocks. For times like this I keep a box set aside with scraps cut to the right size so the blocks come together really fast.

I've been participating regularly in fussy cut square swaps hosted by Amanda from whatthebobbin. For this month the theme was kitchen. So this is what I came up with:

With chaos lingering in the background there sadly was not enough time to take proper pics. So for this one time you'll have to do with these slightly fuzzy ones.

Especially on hectic days I try (emphasis on trying) to make an effort to stop and smell the roses and to my surprise I noticed that our first strawberries had ripened.

To my kids enjoying nature comes naturally. They gathered round a slug and studied it intently, debating whether it was a slug or a snake. The twins couldn't be convinced: it was a snake. These are without a doubt some of the finer moments that make me feel very blessed.

Speaking of blessed, we are off to the UK this weekend to attend the first holy communion of my Godson. Taking advantage of the bankholiday weekend here in Germany. 

I am linking up to the paper piecing party from Kristy of Quiet Play.

Have a nice Pentecost weekend,


  1. I love how they fussy blocks turned out. Yay for synchronized napping! :)

  2. lovely blocks, I love economy blocks. have a great time in England, we've got some nice weather here for you today!