Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

18 Jun 2014

I heart Regina

Slowly but surely a deadline is looming. 

This last year my twins have been going to a play group 3 mornings a week, but not for long anymore. Their last day will be the 10th July. After that there are summer holidays and from mid August all my munchkins will be going to the same nursery school.

When Miss J. made the transition from play group to nursery school the goodbye was not a final one as the twins had just been born and we knew the boys would be going to the same play group. But with the boys leaving it will be the end off an era.

So an excellent opportunity to show Regina how much we appreciated the loving care she took of our  kids. And what better way to do that but to make a quilt?

I've been growing a pile of 6" scrappy string blocks. After some playing on my design wall I decided on this design:

Then I choose some fabric from my stash to do the backing and that got me thinking, since this is a rather special quilt I wanted to make a special label for it. Why not integrate this in the backing?

In German when you thank somebody you thank them from your heart (literal translation). That in turn inspired me to make this heart block. I intend to let my kids sign it with their hand shape contours.

This is the top sewn together:

This is the backing, where as mentioned before I do need to get the kids to sign before I can baste it:

So far I have finished the top (10 by 10 6" blocks), backing and have chosen the binding fabric. The deadline may be looming, but so far it is still very much mission possible.

And then an unexpected bit of progress in my Camelot WIP. While watching Brazil - Mexico I managed to finish my 5th Camelot block. My Camelot quilt is one of those longterm WIP, see here and here. I am hand piecing it and have chosen a blue, red, white colour scheme.

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  1. What a cool projects! Your string quilt is sucking me in :-) What an effect!

  2. What a very lucky teacher. The label is looking great.

  3. Well done your string quilt looks great and the backing is ideal. What a wonderful gift.

  4. That is gorgeous! I love string quilts but have never made one. What a lucky teacher!

  5. beautiful string quilt! and the back is just as lovely.

  6. Spectacular quilt! I recently finished a string quilt. Love the look, absolutely hated making it :) I just know there is another in my future just because they are so versatile in layout options and are so beautiful!

  7. Love the idea of signing the back. It's a really lovely diamond effect, she'll love it!

  8. I love string quilts and yours is so beautiful!

  9. Your layout for the string quilts is so striking. What a wonderful idea for a teacher! I'm a teacher and wish that someone would make me a quilt!

  10. What a wonderful gift for their teacher- and truly "from the heart".

  11. Juf Regina is one lucky lady! :-)

  12. That is gorgeous! I've started putting my strings aside and it's looking more and more likely my next scrappy project will also be stringy. What an inspiring layout.

  13. What a lucky teacher. The quilt is amazing and the backing will touch her heart for sure.

  14. What a beautiful string quilt! Are they foundation pieced or just free pieced? So wonderfully scrappy and colorful!

    1. They are foundation pieced on muslin. I love how the scrappyness really works in these kind of quilts. There are fabrics in there that would normaly not go together and here even the 'ugly' ones work together beautifully.

  15. That string quilt is really something! I've never thought of putting the blocks into a design like that.