Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

23 Jun 2014

Long weekend

This last weekend was the last of the series of bankholiday weekends. Last Thursday was Fronleichnam (Corpus Christi) and Mr Bird took a bridging day on the Friday so that we had a nice long weekend off. Seeing that it was the last in the series we decided to make the most of it. There was a trip to the zoo, lots of BBQ-ing and (perhaps of more interest to you) some sewing.

Over the weekend I finished a little Manicure bag for a friend of mine that will have one of those big 0 birthdays.

I used a Noodlehead pattern. Anna designed this one especially for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, but the best bit is that it was FREE. As with all of her patterns it came together very easily and I find her patterns very clear.

Of course Tula was knocking too:
Block 7: Check Mate

Block 8: Solitaire

Blocks 1-8
I have started naming them, see here and this weeks blocks not only came together rather quickly, their naming seemed obvious as well. I wonder if all the board games I played with Miss J. this long weekend had any influence..?

And last but not least I managed to make some progress with the signature block of my I heart Regina quilt:

You will have to excuse the wet patches, I was trying to catch the last light of the day. I drew each kid's hand on the back and then FMQ over it a couple of times. I was going for a 'sketched' look.  I am not unhappy with the result, however it also didn't throw me of my rocker, but I can't put my finger on it why. I wil sit on that one for a bit. 
Good news, the quilt is now basted and all ready to get quilted. I intend to keep that simple, some diamond echoing. I should be able to show you the end result later this week.

So what have you been up to this weekend? 

I am linking to Monday Makers, Montag Machers from Aynil and Susanne.

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  1. Hey, den Block 8 hast du ja raffiniert zusammengestellt! Er wirkt ganz anders als alle, die ich bisher gesehen habe.
    Sehr schön gemacht!

    1. Ein bischen Farbe darf mal sein ;) Lieben Dank fuer den netten Kommentar Verena.

  2. Ach ja, die Anleitung für dieses Täschchen habe ich mir auch schon runtergeladen... :-) Sieht super aus, die muss ich wohl doch noch machen! Dein 8er Block ist wirklich raffiniert, das lila wirkt wie ein Kranz um die Quadrate. Toll!