Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

7 Jul 2014

Last week of....

Last week of playgroup, last week of World cup, things are being rounded up before the summerholidays and as a result it has been busy here.

This weekend we had our annual Jumble sale in the Kindergarten as a kind of fundraising for the social activities we organize throughout the year. We sold cakes and waffels and people had the opportunity to sell their 'jumble'. (God only knows why I didn't bring my camera). I was partly responsible for the organisation.

And being honest with myself I know the world cup hasn't boosted my productivity. Why oh Why do they all have to wait till the very last minute to score?? And why oh why do those games have to be on at such ungodly hour? (the Netherlands have been starting their games at 22:00 CET). I really thought I was trained in sleep deprivation, how wrong I was. But thank god next week it will all be done with, I am not sure my nerves can take it any more.

That being said, it in no way meant that there was no sewing. I had to get the teachers end of year gifts done. I had already decided to use Aylins Tutorial  and they only really take 20 min to make, especially when you use an continueous zipp.
For my test model, blogged here, I used a normal zipper, but then I found this local shop called Staghorn on Dawanda and ordered a few contiueous zipps. So in between things I finished one after the other bag:

The Kindergarden/nursery has an 'open' group concept. In principle there are 2 groups, the green group (aged 4-6) and the red group (aged 2-3), but the children are allowed and very much encouraged to mingle. Only very few activities are done by each group individually. My girl loves hanging out with the big kids and so I kind of felt obliged to thank all the teachers involved since they all deal with her and she loves them all, hence 7 bags were needed.

Luckily I managed to keep up with Tula too:

Block 11: Swap               Block 12: Penalty
I am linking up to Aylin  and Susanne Montags Machern and Heather and Megans Fabric Tuesday over at Quiltstory.

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  1. Great sleepingbag pouches - I am still addicted to them :)

  2. Nothing in my life takes a mere 20 minutes to accomplish! Thanks for the heads-up on a cute and practical tutorial.