Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

26 Jul 2014

Scrapbasket galore

I went a bit mad with scrapbasket making this month. It was ideal to work on this month. With the twins being off for most of the month and miss J. being off since yesterday, there has only been minimal time to sew. The odd hour when a nap was made or in the evening when I didn't crash and burn with the kids. These baskets were perfect for this type of sewing because they were such quick finishes. I am using the pattern from 'Sunday Morning quilts'

My goal for ALYOF (blogged about here) was to make them in primary colours. I finished that goal a little while ago, here. However one my FAL 2014 goals was to make them in all the colours of the rainbow, so I just kept going. 

 I even added a few more: a white/LV one, a black/grey one,  a brown one and one for my multicolour scraps.

And because I am so chuffed with them I made a mosaic of the individual pics:

As I took the pictures I realised that despite the holiday and the reduced sewing I did pretty well. More over in taking the pictures it  really brought it home to me how much I had done in 'just' an hour here and 'just' half an hour there. So next time instead of grumbling I will hopefully remember that.

Now any pics I make in my sewing dungeon do not come out very well (due to lighting issues no surprise there with it being a cellar and all), but I wanted to share this one anyway. 

It makes a big difference in organisation and has freed up a whole drawer in my cutting table (previously used as kitchen isle) unit. I'll work a bit more on reorganising and will blog about it soon.

For now I am linking up to the July finishes Party of Melissa and Shanna and to Finish it up Friday (despite it being saturday) from Amanda

till next time,


  1. I love these baskets out of Sunday Morning too and really should make a few since I have piles that need some organizing - nice to hear that they are a satisfying and easy sew - I may get going on one or two soon! Great and impressive finish!

    1. Thanks Britt. I totally admire your Garmin skills. Those baskets will be a breeze for you. Good Luck

  2. I have that book also, so now I got an incentive to make me a few baskets; love them!

  3. They look gorgeous in your "cave". ;)

  4. I'm with you, Iris: it's amazing what you can accomplish in little snippets of time. My sewing machine and I are squatters in the dining room. Sometimes I long for a dedicated sewing room, but I'm happy to have a place that I don't need to clean up often. When I have 15 minutes, I can bang out a few seams -- everything is there waiting for me. And those seams add up!

  5. fantastic finish in every way!

  6. You are my winner last month for LAFF giveaway I will forward your email address to them to send you your gift certificate.


    Richard and Tanya Quilts

  7. These are so cute. I love how they look on the shelf.

  8. Congrats on the finishes :o)