Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

19 Jul 2014

When in Rome...

It hit me this week: when in Rome.... What do my kids do every day, sometimes multiple times without fail? Colouring/drawing! So if you can't beat them, join them ;)

That was definitely the last push I needed to participate in the celestial star QAL hosted by Diane of from blank pages. This weeks assignment was to colour in your design and I am not too ashamed to admit it: I have never done this as a first step for any of my quilts.

I was surprised that I was struggling a bit with it. I consider myself a visual person and normally visualize my quilts by picking the fabric. It was beyond me why I was struggling to colour, but if nothing else it became obvious that it is  good to be challenged this way as I was clearly out of my comfort zone.

I want to make a 24" colourwheel to decorate my sewing dungeon. 

We did all our colouring under our sun awning, so appologies for the pics
Also I was inspired by so many 'snow flaky' designs showing up on IG under #celestialstardesign and #celestialstarqal that I now want to make a 2x2 Christmas wall hanging in red and greens. 

I have been following Diane's blog for a while and my attention was captures when she asked on IG if there was any interest in a QAL. I find the QAL posts so far very refreshing and love all the background info Diane compiled with regards to use of colour. I also loved her anecdote about a block she thought would look great but turned out not so great after all. I felt very much encouraged to just try. So now I include a few of my abandoned designs. 

I instantly liked the idea of a colour wheel but still had to try a couple of colourings until I felt it was spot on. 
I have found the fabrics I want to use from my stash for the colour wheel but I am still on the fence with regards to the snowflakes. I think I'll have a shop when we are over in the UK next week.

Till next time,


  1. Love how you've coloured in your pages. So many different quilts from the same pattern.They will look amazing xxx

  2. I am loving the rainbow color wheel idea! The last picture really shows how the design will work, it sounds fantastic.

  3. This looks really fantastic - I like both main design ideas. So many colors are just right for a sewing room and also the snowflakes idea sounds great to me. You are also having the "classic" Christmas colors red + green, it will look so good - about that I am sure. There are always a lot of reasons for buying fabric - am I right? ;-)

  4. Your block is going to look amazing!! I love the colors. :) And guess what??? You won the first giveaway from Pink Castle Fabrics! Congrats!! Will you email your address and I will pass it on to them so they can send you some fabric. :)