Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

17 Sep 2014

a paradox

So I think this must have been my longest break from blogging yet. So far nothing shocking, every blogger has times where blogging takes a back burner. 

However here and here I've been blogging about how I now have all my kids in nursery. I should theoretically have tons of time to sew, quilt and patch. Here it comes.....the emphasis on THEORATICALLY. 

Somehow time seems to have been running away a lot more with me. I still haven't found a real new routine, but am thoroughly enjoying the pressure being off. The weather has been great and with a greater (perceived) freedom of movement I have found myself outside a lot more, which resulted in a lot of this:

but sadly not so much focused sewing. 
Dogwalking (on my own) and running provided time to reflect. Over the last weeks I have realized how much things have been on hold in say the last 2 years. It has been intens and at times an impossible split between 3 munchkins, a 5 person household, a dog, sleepless nights and only 24 hours in a day. So it is really nice and relaxing to ease up a bit, not having to follow set routines. New ones will come soon enough.

Sewing definitely has been my personal escape and my recharger in the past 4 years. It was easy to continue because I could do it at home and when the kids napped I would drop everything and have (up to) 2 hours a day of dedicated sewing time. Somehow in my new found freedom I have not yet found these 2 hours, but I am just happy to let life happen and take it as it comes, for the moment ;)

Having said that I didn't say that I did NO sewing in the last 10 days. Of course I kept up with Tula:

Block 30: Ventilation

Block 31: Kitchen door

Block 32: Pee Poe I see you

Block 33: Border of daisies
And I also started a new project, which I will blog about soon in more detail. It involves pattern testing and my husbands shirts....

till next time,

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