Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

22 Sep 2014

Monday makers

Sometime you just have to drop everything and get to it....

After writing 2 posts about how my rountine is gone and I am feeling slightly at a loss, I realised that there is only one person who can change that: me. So this morning I did what I used to do so very well, I dropped everything and indulged in some quality sewing time.

 I tell you: it felt GOOD!! I pieced my scrappy trip around the world top AND backing.

And I didn't stop there, I even basted it. Now that's what I call work in progress. 

Tula was already done:
Block 34: Jungle

Block 35: Wajang Kulat
Chapter 2 all together
Linking to Lee at freshly pieced WIP wednesday and Montags Machers/Monday Makers from Aylin and Susanne.
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  1. I love the way you've arranged your Trip Around the World blocks - so creative!

  2. Trip Around the World looks great! And this is totally a lesson I need to work on... I'm the only one who can change my routine!

  3. Love the scrappy trip along. So fun and colourful.