Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

15 Oct 2014

What happens when I don't feel like ironing shirts...

Last month Claudia sent an email around asking if we'd be interested in testing her pattern. About a year ago she made a beautiful quilt out of different sized blocks and I commented how great it looked and if she was ever to write a pattern she should give me a heads up. So fast forward and that time came.

The quilt is called StarPlus and the pattern is GREAT! It was written very clearly, and is very overviewable. The blocks come together easily and swiftly. I am simply totally in love with the 'uneven block' concept. Claudia has it now listed in her Crafsty shop, check it out.

For me this was my first 'big' quilt that I am making in one go. So I cut all the fabrics.

I decided to use some of Mr Birds shirts and some of my grey stash. The kids have recently found it harder when Papa is away for business, so the idea was (still is) to make a comfort quilt where we can all huddle and cuddle under when we miss him.

 For me it was a new experience to only work on one quilt from cutting until the top was done. I found it challenging (physically) and soothing in equal measures. There is something phenomenally soothing about making long chains of (part of) blocks. It also became apparent that I might need to check the ergonomical side of my sew set up, my back/shoulders will be grateful. This is something I had not come up against before since I normally alternate much more between activities.

growing number of blocks
playing with lay out
 But last night I finished with the last block.

For perspective a small, a middle and the big block
 And this morning I pieced the top together. It is unlikely that I will finish the backing, basting and quilting before Sunday (when Mr Bird leaves for a week to Japan) but there will be many more trips away.

One top pieced
So for now I am linking up to Lee for WIP Wednesday and Lornas Bee Social.

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  1. Looking good! Good luck with finishing!

    1. Thanks Vera, any suggestions for the quilting??

  2. I like the uneven blocks type of sampler the most, I find, and this is no exception!
    You are right about alternating. I find if I piece too much, one thing hurts. If I quilt too much, another, and so on! :)

  3. The quilt turned out really well, you did a nice job with layouting it! It is the same with me - I don't like doing the same thing all the time. That was why I like samplers, the blocks are always different...
    Regards, Eva

  4. Oh, Iris! This is such a gorgeous finish! I love the different sizes of those star blocks. Beautiful job!

  5. What a cool pattern! And I love your idea of using the shirts - it will make the quilt really special for your family.

  6. I love this idea using the same block in different sized. I like the blocks with the 'different' colors - the colors other than blue.

  7. I love the idea of using daddy's shirts for the quilt for a cuddle quilt for you and the kids while he's away. The quilt looks fantastic. I checked out the original quilt and you have definitely done the pattern justice. Awesome job!