Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

22 Nov 2014

FNSI brought me a finish

I am very glad I sticked with my diary plans and dedicated my evening to FNSI.

I was able not only to finish my IG Mini Swap, but also bind it, and even label it! I appologies for the quality of the pictures, the dungeon doesn't have great lighting to take pictures in.

There are a few organic sides to it, like my FMQ, but it was all done in love and hand made.

 The outer border I quilted with equalateral triangles.

Never before had I made a quilt label. I embroidered all the relevant dates on there the washitape it there to protect my sworn secrecy.

So a very succesful FNSI with a finish and despite a few wonky bits I very much like it and am rather proud of it. I just hope my partner likes it too.

till next time,


  1. Hi, popping in from FNSI... your stitching is beautiful...

  2. I've popped over from FNSI. So glad I did! Your quilt is absolutely lovely!

  3. Your quilting complements the tree beautifully. I have popped over from FNSI too!

  4. Visiting from your Christmas tree, it's come up so well