Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

10 Nov 2014

Happy Mail and Tula 48/49

I quite like mondays, a fresh start to the week. This monday however was particularly pleasant:

Happy mail!! and whats more it fits absolutely PERFECT!! Lucky for me we receive our mail on mondays extra early (another good reason to like mondays), so no more working around anything. And to celebrate I immediately got to work with this weeks Tula Blocks:

Block 48: Abstract 

Block 49: Christmas tree farm
Next is the Swappen auf Deutsch mini/pillow/bag I am making for my partner.
till next time,

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  1. Na, dann kann es jetzt ja wieder weitergehen mit der Schraube :-)
    Deine Tula Blöcke sind wieder sehr schön! Vor allem der grau-rote gefällt mir suuuuper gut!