Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

21 Dec 2014

IOU from Friday

So Friday was another Friday Night Sew In night. 

This time however things did not go quite as well as planned…
I did manage to get some blocks together, but I also ended dealing with one very poorly girl. I am glad to say that at the end of this weekend she is doing much better and she keeps all her food down again, which does make a nice change ;)

The night before FNSI I had already been playing with my layout:

And by the end of the weekend…I have 4 blocks finished. 

It's a start and better then none at all...

till next time,


  1. This is coming along nicely. I love this pattern! Your owl is too cute!

  2. Jetzt sehe ich erst, dass das eine Eule ist!!! Bei IG ist mir das gar nicht aufgefallen... Sehr süß!