Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 May 2014

Friday Finish and how I became a Bee

2 birthday crowns, check
2 cakes, check
pressies, check
What else do we need for  a party? It seems we are all set for a lovely birthday party tomorrow.

I also finished my bee blocks for Linda last night. I had finished Kathies earlier in the month. Maybe she will post about them herself when she receives all of them?!
This is the second round of our virutal Bee 'Joining hands' and the first bee I ever joined.

I follow zusjeB's blog and she posted last year she was joining a bee and that there were still spaces available. I had been looking for a virtual bee for ages. So I put on my naughty boots (its a dutch figure of speech, nothing kinky) and wrote Corinne who had initiated the flickr group if she would consider me joining. She kindly obliged and that is how I became a Bee. 

More on this bee in my next post. I will be one of the queen bees next month. 

Untill then have a great weekend, we will be enjoying even more kids in the house and lots of cake :)
I am linking up to TGIFF over at MsMidge today and to finish it up friday from crazymumquilts


28 May 2014

WIP Work space, scrappy trip and happy birthday crowns

I recently moved to the cellar. I tried sharing a room with my Hubbie, but alas that did not really work out.
He finds my sewing machine too loud and my style got cramped by his teleconferences. So in all our best interest I decided to move to the washing cellar.
Which is not as bad as it sounds. In Germany most houses have a washing cellar. It is a cellar space that has a window (albeit small) and heating to dry laundry. Ours also has our central heating in it too.

Warning with it being a cellar the lighting conditions for taking photo's are shocking! (there is another WIP for me ;))

This is what it looked like this morning:

 The HUGE advantage with being in the cellar is that I can just leave things as they are, when I need to, nap times are not always as long as I need them to be......
A tiny disadvantage is that it gives me the oppotunity to work on multiple projects at the same time, which inadvertedly becomes messy.
So this morning I decided to have a bit of a tidy and a clean.

Now it looks like:

I use an IKEA kitchen island as cutting/sewing table. After our move to our current house we did not have a real use for it, but I am glad we stored it in our garage for the time being. It comes in great now.

My Hubbie made me a design wall out of steropor wrapped in batting. It is quite big and another big advantage to the cellar. With a nicely cleaned worktop everything feels so much more organized....

I am still very much looking for organisation. So it is very much still WIP until everything falls in its natural place.

However that did not stop me from making some Scrappy round the world blocks for a swap I am hosting on Swap-bot. So that's my second WIP.

And my last WIP for this week are birthday crowns for my boys.

I made this crown for my daughters last birthday and the boys absolutly love it, so I decided to make them their own for when they turn 2 this saturday. 

and let's bee social from sew fresh quilts

Till next time!

26 May 2014

About courage and running with it

I had really not planned to start this blog so soon. Not that it has not been on my mind, on the contrary. I have been thinking about it for months, but always allowed myself 'chicken out' because more research was needed, or more long term planning was required, more structure and strategie behind it and foremost no time (at least untill the boys go to nurserie).

And then last thursday came and I just did it. I felt there is no time like the present and you can learn from your mistakes. Things do not need to be poured into concrete. I decided to see this proces more dynamic.

So here I am writing my second blog post with no set rules, but lots of ideas.

My main reason for wanting to start writing is to share my quilt adventures with the online quilt community. As a mum of 3 I take what I can get in terms of sewing time.
This leaves little room for face to face interaction with other quilters. But over the last years I have discovered by following many other blogs that there are many people out there like me and online sharing is a great opportunity to keep in touch. So far I have oehed and ahhed over the creations of others while limiting my own contributions to the odd comment here or there.

Not any more, I feel ready to start sharing some of my own WIPs, Finishes and ideas. It is a very scary thought, but at the same time there is a part of me whose confidence has grown enough to try it in the hope of being inspired and challenged.

So as today is monday I thought I would link to Monday Makers. It is a German linky party hosted by Aynil-Nilya and Susanne from Quilt it out

We recently went on a holiday and I took one of my WIPs, my Hexi EPP, along for the ride. A few more got added and at the end of the holidy there are a total of 630 pieced together.

As a treat I made myself a road trip case. I had bought the pattern recently from Noodlehead and it came together very easy.

There you go my second post!
Till next time,


22 May 2014

an introduction

So here we go, my first ever post.

My name is Iris and I am a dutch mum of 3. I am married to a lovely English/Irish man and together we have 1 daughter and twin boys. We live in Germany together with our Spanish dog and our German bantam hens.

Life gets crazy with 3 young ones and so I take solace in patchwork and quilting. Cutting up fabric  only to sew it back together again. When you say it like that it sounds kinda crazy.

I plan to mainly blog about my quilting, but I am sure that random things will get added to the mix as well.

I made my first quilt when I was pregnant with our daughter in 2010 and have not looked back since. After our darling daughter was born, going to classes was no longer managable. I needed to take the time when it came. I searched online for courses to participate in and found the Craftsy BOM taught by Amy Gibson of That proved to be the beginning of a wonderful journey which eventually led me to here writing my first blog and I look forward to see what the future holds.

And the name? Well I am and I do!

Till next time,