Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

26 Jul 2014

Scrapbasket galore

I went a bit mad with scrapbasket making this month. It was ideal to work on this month. With the twins being off for most of the month and miss J. being off since yesterday, there has only been minimal time to sew. The odd hour when a nap was made or in the evening when I didn't crash and burn with the kids. These baskets were perfect for this type of sewing because they were such quick finishes. I am using the pattern from 'Sunday Morning quilts'

My goal for ALYOF (blogged about here) was to make them in primary colours. I finished that goal a little while ago, here. However one my FAL 2014 goals was to make them in all the colours of the rainbow, so I just kept going. 

 I even added a few more: a white/LV one, a black/grey one,  a brown one and one for my multicolour scraps.

And because I am so chuffed with them I made a mosaic of the individual pics:

As I took the pictures I realised that despite the holiday and the reduced sewing I did pretty well. More over in taking the pictures it  really brought it home to me how much I had done in 'just' an hour here and 'just' half an hour there. So next time instead of grumbling I will hopefully remember that.

Now any pics I make in my sewing dungeon do not come out very well (due to lighting issues no surprise there with it being a cellar and all), but I wanted to share this one anyway. 

It makes a big difference in organisation and has freed up a whole drawer in my cutting table (previously used as kitchen isle) unit. I'll work a bit more on reorganising and will blog about it soon.

For now I am linking up to the July finishes Party of Melissa and Shanna and to Finish it up Friday (despite it being saturday) from Amanda

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19 Jul 2014

When in Rome...

It hit me this week: when in Rome.... What do my kids do every day, sometimes multiple times without fail? Colouring/drawing! So if you can't beat them, join them ;)

That was definitely the last push I needed to participate in the celestial star QAL hosted by Diane of from blank pages. This weeks assignment was to colour in your design and I am not too ashamed to admit it: I have never done this as a first step for any of my quilts.

I was surprised that I was struggling a bit with it. I consider myself a visual person and normally visualize my quilts by picking the fabric. It was beyond me why I was struggling to colour, but if nothing else it became obvious that it is  good to be challenged this way as I was clearly out of my comfort zone.

I want to make a 24" colourwheel to decorate my sewing dungeon. 

We did all our colouring under our sun awning, so appologies for the pics
Also I was inspired by so many 'snow flaky' designs showing up on IG under #celestialstardesign and #celestialstarqal that I now want to make a 2x2 Christmas wall hanging in red and greens. 

I have been following Diane's blog for a while and my attention was captures when she asked on IG if there was any interest in a QAL. I find the QAL posts so far very refreshing and love all the background info Diane compiled with regards to use of colour. I also loved her anecdote about a block she thought would look great but turned out not so great after all. I felt very much encouraged to just try. So now I include a few of my abandoned designs. 

I instantly liked the idea of a colour wheel but still had to try a couple of colourings until I felt it was spot on. 
I have found the fabrics I want to use from my stash for the colour wheel but I am still on the fence with regards to the snowflakes. I think I'll have a shop when we are over in the UK next week.

Till next time,

15 Jul 2014

Putting the miles in

Now that the holiday has started for the boys there is very little sewing. It is amazing to see how 2 two year olds have a combined energy level that is nothing short of a nuclear power plant. No matter how many miles we put in:

However that didn't stop a couple of deadlines from looming.

First off is the first chapter from miss Tula. There were 3 to be done for this week and then a linky party over at Eva or Sandra. It is so great to see so many participants in this QAL, and the variety of colour schemes is truly inspirational. Check out the flickr group.

So my blocks for this week are:
Block 13: Hashtag Tula100
Block 14: Tula meets Tilda
Block 15: B-Finale
Chapter 1
 The second deadline was for round 5 of the scrappy trip bee, see the flickr group here.

This round I loved the colour challenges. One of my hive members chose orange, pinks and yellow which would not have occurred to me to put together and another bee chose jewel colours, which my stash is pretty low on. I hope they all like my blocks.

I am a bit sad at the cut back I temporarily have to take on sewing (and as a result blogging), but I am sure the next 4 weeks will fly by and it gives me some time to reflect on my sewing/blogging which can't be a bad thing. It certainly makes me reprioritise.

till next time,

11 Jul 2014

One goal down

So I posted on wednesday my WIP with my scrap baskets here. I am happy to say the yellow one got finished as well. So that is me done for the July goal of ALYOF, Yeay! I have to say another Yeay for quick finishes. They really can be very satisfying.

July goal for ALYOF all done!

 I even managed, in the run up to the dutch quarter final, to finish an other one. 

It seemed fitting to make the orange one, for good luck. Alas it was not meant to be.

It is great to see my scrap pile go from all chaotic to being reduced to something that looks very neat and organised. I am still on the fence wether to redo the red one to match the size of the others.

Sunday will be a big day here in Germany in more ways than one. Miss J. will turn 4!!! I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around it, where did the time go?? I made her crown last year which was a great hit (she still wears occasionally). So this year she picked the fabric and colours and I finished her a new one. Let's hope it is equally well received.

I am linking to T.G.I.F.F. this week over at Audrey from Glorybequilter33 and finish it up friday from Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts.

Till next time,

9 Jul 2014

Grabbing the basket by the horns

Ever since I linked this post to a Lovely year of finishes by Melissa and Shanna I've been super keen to get started, so I grabbed the baskets by the horns.

One of the comments I received on the above mentioned post was that the baskets would be a bit small, so I should make them bigger. I took the advice at heart and made the first basket 2 inches taller (8"x8"x8"). I also quilted each side separately with a different pattern.

It came together quite swiftly (a little over 2 hours), but I was suprised at the size and decided to make the others as per the original pattern. Since my red scraps seemed to be a little lost in this big basket.

I also made and quilted the sides from one big slab (as per the book) 

The blue one seems to be full, but I can assure you there is still plenty of room left. Also blue is one of the colours I have the most scraps in. So I am very happy with this size.

2 out of 3 are done

 When I moved to the yellow one I started to have so much fun that I very boldly decided to quilt circles on the big slab and an echoing cross on the bottom panel. My first ever circles and by no means are they perfect, but since they got cut up in 4 it doesn't matter too much.

And then the World cup called my name and I watched Germany thrash Brazil, so

I am linking to freshly pieced WIP wednesday.WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
and let's bee social from sew fresh quilts

till next time,

7 Jul 2014

Last week of....

Last week of playgroup, last week of World cup, things are being rounded up before the summerholidays and as a result it has been busy here.

This weekend we had our annual Jumble sale in the Kindergarten as a kind of fundraising for the social activities we organize throughout the year. We sold cakes and waffels and people had the opportunity to sell their 'jumble'. (God only knows why I didn't bring my camera). I was partly responsible for the organisation.

And being honest with myself I know the world cup hasn't boosted my productivity. Why oh Why do they all have to wait till the very last minute to score?? And why oh why do those games have to be on at such ungodly hour? (the Netherlands have been starting their games at 22:00 CET). I really thought I was trained in sleep deprivation, how wrong I was. But thank god next week it will all be done with, I am not sure my nerves can take it any more.

That being said, it in no way meant that there was no sewing. I had to get the teachers end of year gifts done. I had already decided to use Aylins Tutorial  and they only really take 20 min to make, especially when you use an continueous zipp.
For my test model, blogged here, I used a normal zipper, but then I found this local shop called Staghorn on Dawanda and ordered a few contiueous zipps. So in between things I finished one after the other bag:

The Kindergarden/nursery has an 'open' group concept. In principle there are 2 groups, the green group (aged 4-6) and the red group (aged 2-3), but the children are allowed and very much encouraged to mingle. Only very few activities are done by each group individually. My girl loves hanging out with the big kids and so I kind of felt obliged to thank all the teachers involved since they all deal with her and she loves them all, hence 7 bags were needed.

Luckily I managed to keep up with Tula too:

Block 11: Swap               Block 12: Penalty
I am linking up to Aylin  and Susanne Montags Machern and Heather and Megans Fabric Tuesday over at Quiltstory.

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1 Jul 2014

Pinch punch first of the month

Not only first of the month but also start of a new quarter, how exciting!

I've decided to participate in Q3 and Q4 of a lovely year of finishes by Melissa and Shanna as well as finish along 2014 hosted by Katy of the littlest thistle

Melissa and Shanna ask that you set yourself one goal a month and host linky parties for planning it, and then one for the achieved goal.

My goal for July will be to make scrap baskets from Sunday morning Quilts by crazymonquilts' Amanda Jean in the primary colours

I've been sorting my scraps (roughly) and think it is achievable as a first goal. So red, blue and yellow all prepared on the pic lower down.

Now if I widen the parameter a bit and look at what I would like to achieve in Q3 as per the Finish Along 2014 rules, I would like to finish:

Scrappy trip around the world quilt:

This has been a slow growing WIP and I think it is ready to finish and be given away and I know just the person.

Herringbone quilt

pattern by christaquilts
Charmsquares are all cut, well all the purple ones anyway. I planned to combine this one with a mix of solid and printed grey.

Scrap baskets in all the colours of the rainbow.

Ever since I started reading sunday morning quilts I knew that the first pattern from this book had to be a basket or two.

Sew bag pattern 

pattern by sewdemented. This bag by now is famous. I've picked some fabric for it, but I might change my mind, or make two.

Joining hands bee quilt Round 1

Round one of joining hands bee when it was my first ever time to be Queen bee.

The challenge here lies in that the blocks came out at different sizes, ranging 1-1,5" in size difference. I think it may have had something to do with printer settings for this paper piecing block I chose. Anyhow, I have an idea how I can solve this, but later more about this.

I think, especially considering there is a long summerholiday in this Q3, that this list is challenge enough as it is. 

Linking up to:  a Lovely year of finishes by Melissa and Shanna as well as Finish along 2014 hosted by Katy of the littlest thistle