Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

31 Aug 2014

August, an overview

Last day of the month, unbelievable! The kids have all been in nursery for 2 weeks now, well theoretically. In both weeks I had one or the other kid at home with fever or (non existing) diarrhoea (better safe then sorry). 
I find I am still very much looking for a new routine to settle into and as a result feel slightly unsettled, but am hughly enjoying not having the pressure of having to plan my day with military precision.  

Housework without kids is faster and the dog definitely enjoys the longer (child free) walks we take. I also started running again and have even registered for a half marathon in march in Venlo, the city I grew up in. Pre-kids I really enjoyed running and walking.

Having more time however  doesn't neccesarily mean that more gets done. I seem to squander a fair bit of time, which is a luxury I haven't had for a long time. So although I was dreaming of all these hours of free sewing time, I am still to realize them, but I am sure that as we all settle into this new routine all this sewing time will materialise. 

It should not come as a surprise that August was not my greatest month of finishes, but I managed to keep up (or catch up) with all my BOM commitments and that in itself is an achievement. Not to mention ticked off one more Q3 goal and finished my ALYOF August goal.

I will be linking up to fresh sewing day and small blog meet over at Lily and Montags Macher/Monday makers are back over at Aynil and Susanne.

Till next time,


25 Aug 2014

Tula monday and all block building is done

the block building is done... for this month anyway.

It time to start a fresh week again and what better way to do that then with Tula Monday?

This week it is time for blocks 26 and 27 in the German Tula pink city sampler QAL.
Block 26: Stacking cups

Block 27: Singing on a star
In addition I was able to finish off my Bee blocks for this month:

Corinne is our Queen bee for this month and she asked for AMH's feather block. She provided us with Kona Ash background fabric, but for some reason the pieces I received were about an inch too short. So after some consultations we decided that I send the block as shown above and Corinne herself would add the missing the background.

And last but not least I managed to finish the August block for the sew kitschy BOM, only one more month to go. So all in all on a role I would say.

Till next time,

24 Aug 2014

I am sew together

On friday I decided I wanted to start on one of my Q3 Finish Along goals

When we were on holiday I found a FQ bundle that seemed a MUST for the sew together Bag.

I still like the fabrics I originally picked and am completly committed to use them for another sew together bag, but on friday this bundle just screamed to be cut in. So I caved. 

Finished bag outside
 I had been following Franziska on her journey through TWO sew together bags already. I loved her tips. 

Finished bag inside
Through the German Tula Pink City Sampler QAL I found  Iva's blog and her post about her bag with yet more tips and a link to Barbara who linked to the lovely sewalong hosted by the Quiltbarn. Between all of them I managed to get the bag done in one evening and one nap time, which I was utterly astound about.

Finished bag inside filled with label
I am very happy to be able to tick this one of my Q3 list! So happy indeed that I am linking to Meg and Heather for their fabric Tuesday.

till next time,

19 Aug 2014

Playing catch up

I made my Tula blocks for the German City Sampler QAL yesterday and posted them in our Flickr group (check it out here), but didn't get round to make a post about it, so I thought I'd collect a few blocks and participate in the building blocks party this week, hosted by Quilter in the closet Jen.

First off my Tula blocks:

Block 26: Thunder
Block 27: Woven
So then I decided it would be a good idea to catch up on the sew kitschy BOM organised by Kirsty from Quietplay

Sew kitschy July block Radio
It took all of my sewing time today just to finish this block. And even then a mistake snuck in (I spy...) No matter how much I love these blocks, they do bring me to the brink of my paper piecing skills as there are a LOT of teeny tiny bits in it. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, after the august block (some kitchen utensils) there is only 1 more block. As I am writing this I fully intend to have this wall hanging finished in Q4.
till next time,

16 Aug 2014

Serving it bold

Last night I participated in the FNSI. I signed up earlier in the week over at sugarlane quilts

So when 19:00 came  I grabbed my cup of tea and a couple of oat biscuits and disappeared in my dungeon. 

I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on some of my BOMs. During the holiday and play group free time my BOM projects were moved to the bottom of the list. 
I am glad to report that as far as the a Sugar block club goes it was an extremely good evening. 
First I made 'serve', the July block. 

Then I continued with 'bold' the August block. 

That one sure did its name justice. All 8 blocks together at the end of the evening looked like this.

I had great fun and have a nice sense of achievement. I am sure this will not be the last FNSI I participate in. 

Till next time,


15 Aug 2014

the mini that wasn't a mini

A surprising finish this week. I accidentally finished my Celestial Star QAL mini. The twins went to nursery on wednesday for the first time and did brilliantly! I am so proud of them.

In fact they did so well that yesterday they were allowed to stay untill lunch (12:00). I used that time well:
Celestial Star
 I love the movement of the block and didn't think the quilting needed to emphasize that. So I decided to try to emphasize the radiation of the block in the quilting. 
Close up quilting
 I am quite pleased with how it came out, even though for a wall hanging the quilting is minimal. I'd love to hear alternative suggestions for the quilting so that I may learn for future projects. FMQ is a skill I really want to grow in.
Close up quilting border
 The borders I simply echoed, but again I love the effect. The colours were speaking so much for themselves that I was worried that the quilting would make it too much, too busy.
Close up quilting centre

 For the backing I chose an Ikea print that was a bit stiffer/thicker then usual. I wouldn't use it for a bed/sofa quilt, but for this wall hanging it seemed ideal.

In it's new place
Now to the 'mini that wasn't a mini' part. I made it my august goal for ALYOF (as blogged here) to make this mini. However somehow my brain must have mixed inches and cm or possibly my spacial awareness is really that poor, because it ended up being around 82 x 82cm (32 x 32")!! It turns out my dungeon doesn't have a wall space big enough. Luckily Mr. Bird loves it so much that he suggested to hang it in our bedroom. I guess all is well that ends well.

Other news: I found out about this virtual sew along on friday nights, currently hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane quilts. The idea is that earlier in the week you sign up and on friday you all have a nice sew in night, to be blogged about sometime on saturday. I like the idea and have a ton of blocks to catch up on (SBC, Sew Kitchy, Bee blocks), also if I consciously set time aside the likelyhood of it happening increases. Check it out. 

See you sometime saturday with the result of my sew in,
Take care,
I am linking to: Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday, Afton for T.G.I.F.F.

11 Aug 2014

Tula catch up

There are many things I need to catch up on after two weeks holiday, but since it is monday today I thought I would start with a Tula catch up.

Every monday the next two blocks are due in the German Tula Pink City Sampler QAL, see here for the flickr group. Eva and Sandra do a great job at keeping this group running smoothly and are always among the first to comment encouraging things on the pics shared in the flickr group.

I sewed ahead and these babies have been waiting in my dungeon to be shared. I just thought is would have been uncurtous to sneek ahead. So without further ado my Tula Pink blocks 18-23:

Block 18: Running a kite

Block 19: Letterbox
Block 20: Beach ball

Block 21: Postcard

Block 22: Stepping stones

Block 23: Easter basket
There is something about this particular QAL that makes me all giddy. I simply LOVE working on the blocks each week, maybe because so far all of them came together soooo effortlessly.

Till next time,

7 Aug 2014

August goal

Very briefly I am emerging from our holiday to set up my ALYOF August goal.

We have arrived safe and sound from a lovely break that included Peppa Pig World, the seaside, lots of playing with water, lots of playparks, nice catch ups, and even some (fabric) shoppping for me :)). Now we will be enjoying the last days of the holiday here at home.

For my August goal I would like to finish my rainbow Celestial star mini.

This is my design and I have started cutting the templates.

The mini wallhanging is for my dungeon and will finish at 24". It will be the first of hopefully many that will come to decorate my dungeon.

I was super impressed with Pink Castle fabrics. I recently won a give away they sponsored for the Celestial Star QAL. When I returned home it was waiting for me! That is less then a week for fabric to arrive from the USA to Germany. So many thanks to Diane from from blank pages for organising this QAL and the great give aways and of course a big thank you too to Pink Castle fabrics.

Next week will be a big catch up, but for now I will enjoy the last days of this holiday. Kindergarden will start for Miss J. on tuesday and the boys will follow on wednesday.

Linking to Melissa and Shanna for the Lovely year of Finishes August.
Till then,