Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Sep 2014

September an overview

Although September felt a bit slow on the sewing front I finished on a definite high with the finish of my scrappy trip around the world.

I just love how these overviews bring it home to one that quite a lot gets done in a whole month, block for block.

I will be linking up to fresh sewing day and small blog meet over at Lynne.

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29 Sep 2014

Block building frenzy

As the end of the month looms I tried to make an endspurt in my block building:

Of course there is the start of a new chapter of Tula:

Block 36: Picknick
Block 37: Here kitty kitty
Then there was the Euro siblings together bee block from Betty:

Of course there was the Sugar Block Club BOM:

SBC2014 Jan-Sept
 And finally there was the Joining hands bee block for Alia who asked for a red/white Bento block:

Bento Block
The one that got away was the Sew Kitchy BOM last block, so be it.

Linking to Montags Machers/Monday Makers from Aylin and Susanne.
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26 Sep 2014

All tripped out

I can't believe it with almost a week spare I finished my September goal for ALYOF which af course was also one of my Q3 goals for FAL2014. May I present to you, back from a trip around the world:

The quilt is 1.20m x 1.50m approx. and I used a double layer of Hobbs 80/20 for the batting. I love how it gave it an extra sense of snugglelyness.

 For the quilting I decided to try some of the 1001 stitches my machine came with.

 The tulips are definitely my favourite!

 Something else I tried on this quilt as well was to make an invisible seam in the green backing. For a first time I think I did well, it almost aligns up perfect.

One more from the front and one more from the back, this one is heading to the washing machine and dryer. 

For now  I am linking up to  Finish it up Friday from Amanda and T.G.I.F.F. hosted by Audrey this week but later will link this to the September finished party of Melissa and Shanna and the Q3 finish list party of Katy

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22 Sep 2014

Monday makers

Sometime you just have to drop everything and get to it....

After writing 2 posts about how my rountine is gone and I am feeling slightly at a loss, I realised that there is only one person who can change that: me. So this morning I did what I used to do so very well, I dropped everything and indulged in some quality sewing time.

 I tell you: it felt GOOD!! I pieced my scrappy trip around the world top AND backing.

And I didn't stop there, I even basted it. Now that's what I call work in progress. 

Tula was already done:
Block 34: Jungle

Block 35: Wajang Kulat
Chapter 2 all together
Linking to Lee at freshly pieced WIP wednesday and Montags Machers/Monday Makers from Aylin and Susanne.
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17 Sep 2014

a paradox

So I think this must have been my longest break from blogging yet. So far nothing shocking, every blogger has times where blogging takes a back burner. 

However here and here I've been blogging about how I now have all my kids in nursery. I should theoretically have tons of time to sew, quilt and patch. Here it comes.....the emphasis on THEORATICALLY. 

Somehow time seems to have been running away a lot more with me. I still haven't found a real new routine, but am thoroughly enjoying the pressure being off. The weather has been great and with a greater (perceived) freedom of movement I have found myself outside a lot more, which resulted in a lot of this:

but sadly not so much focused sewing. 
Dogwalking (on my own) and running provided time to reflect. Over the last weeks I have realized how much things have been on hold in say the last 2 years. It has been intens and at times an impossible split between 3 munchkins, a 5 person household, a dog, sleepless nights and only 24 hours in a day. So it is really nice and relaxing to ease up a bit, not having to follow set routines. New ones will come soon enough.

Sewing definitely has been my personal escape and my recharger in the past 4 years. It was easy to continue because I could do it at home and when the kids napped I would drop everything and have (up to) 2 hours a day of dedicated sewing time. Somehow in my new found freedom I have not yet found these 2 hours, but I am just happy to let life happen and take it as it comes, for the moment ;)

Having said that I didn't say that I did NO sewing in the last 10 days. Of course I kept up with Tula:

Block 30: Ventilation

Block 31: Kitchen door

Block 32: Pee Poe I see you

Block 33: Border of daisies
And I also started a new project, which I will blog about soon in more detail. It involves pattern testing and my husbands shirts....

till next time,

7 Sep 2014


So ever since I joined the German Tula Pink City Sampler QAL I have been getting aquainted with a wide group of German modern quilters/bloggers. All lovely and very encouraging.

The next step seemed logical:

It is a 3 way blind swap for anyone who can communicate in German and registers per email.

This is the 5th time Aylin organises it. All the details and loads of inspiration can be found in the Flickr group.

The best bit?? There is time (until 15th September) to sign up, it promises to be great fun!!

I am jumping in at the deep end and will keep you posted throughout.

till next time,

3 Sep 2014

WIP catch up

Today I wanted to share an updateon a longstanding WIP. I started it in June 2013 as a road trip project and after our holiday this August I am proud to announce that I currently stand at 850! We have planned a minibreak at the end of September so hopefully I might even get to 900 then.....For now I'd like to share the current state:

EPP hexies August 2014: 850
 I am also working on a gym bag for Miss J. I am paper piecing her name on it (Pattern from Diane) and I am using Jeni's drawstring bag tutorial (from back in the day when it was a tutorial rather than a pattern). I am hoping to get it finished by friday.

And last but not least I promised to give an update on my scrappy trip around the world quilt, which I chose as my September ALYOF goal.

 Currently I have 18 blocks, but have decided I want to make a bed cover for our guest bed. To make it cover the whole bed it needs to be 5 x 8 blocks which means another 22 (!) blocks. My thought for quilting was to use some of the many fancy stitches my machine has programmed and that I hardly ever (read NEVER) use. So I had better get started!

Linking to Lee of freshly pieced.

1 Sep 2014

Tula Monday, pinch punch first of the month

So a fresh start of another month has arrived. The last month of the quarter so this is the time to shift a gear up and finish all those Q3 goals. To be realistic I will not be accomplishing all of them, but I do want to finish one of the quilts. Putting 3 WIPs on the list was good in a sense that it brought them very much to the forefront of my mind. In the process I think I have changed my mind on the Herringbone quilt and will mull that one over a bit more. 

So for my September goal of a lovely year of finishes by Melissa and Shanna I will finish my Scrappy trip around the world.

I have changed the recipient and the size, but that shouldn't matter too much. I'll do a proper WIP update on wednesday with all details.

Today is also monday and in the Tula QAL we have arrived with block 28 and 29.
Block 28: 2 lumps please

Block 29: room with a view. 

Here is to a fresh start and lots of finishes by the end of the month!
till next time,