Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Dec 2014

Tutorial ESTB

My dear Euro Sibling Together Bee members,

First of all I have to appologies to you all for posting this tutorial on the very last day of the year. God knows it has been on my mind since november but there is nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get things moving. However I know that a few of you would have liked to work on this block beforehand and with this lateness I deprived you of that possibility.

My block to my knowledge is nameless (I am very much open to suggestions). It has been inspired from a quilt called Unraveled made by Faith as a contribution to a book called 'Scraps, Inc'. Although I think my block turned out a wee bit skinnier. The following tutorial should make a 12,5" square block.

I would like you to use red, green and yellow and LV background fabric.

Per block you need:
  4 x 3,5" square Red
  4 x 3,5" square Yellow
  4 x 3,5" square Green
  4 x 3,5" square LV
24 x 2" square LV

Mark all the 2" squares on the wrong side of the fabric.:

Then take a coloured square and on oppposite side of the 3,5" colour square attach a small LV square. Sew ON the line.

 Trim, press and square up to 3,5" again.

Make a 6,5" block like above. Coloured corner point INWARDS. 

Repeat this for 3 more units.

Then making sure the LV squares are on the INSIDE, join the 4 sub-blocks together to make one 12,5" block. 

As you can see I changed the colour order in one of my 4 sub-blocks. I don't mind as long as per sub-block there is one of each colours.

Good luck and please let me know if there are any questions.


The last finish of 2014

Today I dropped off our dog for her holiday and handed over the Hootenanny quilt to my uncle.

So I finished my last quilt for 2014:

I kept to the quilting as per pattern in 'Dare to be Square' by Boo Davis using Aurifil wt40. And for the backing I used the left over fabric. It didn't come out perfect straight, but close enough and I am very happy with the overal modern feel this quilt has. It has a layer of Hobbs 80/20 as batting.

My uncle loved the quilt and I hope that the two of them will enjoy many cuddle hours on the sofa for the next week.

With this last finish I fullfilled my ALYOF december goal and my FAL Q4 list isn't looking too shabby either.

My FAL Q4 goals were as blogged here and I finished:
1: Star plus quilt 
2: Hootenanny Quilt using the pattern from the Dare to be square book by Boo Davis. (as per this blog post)
3: Adventcalender for Mr C.
4: Christmas Stockings for Mr. C. and Mr. K.
5: Miniquilt for a swap I am participating in.

5 out of the original 6 goals is a super result for me and has convinced me to continue with this in 2015.

till next time,

25 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas

I find Christmas such a personal time of the year and therefore a difficult subject to blog about.  I thought long and hard about how and what to blog for Christmas, but then time and the kids just ran away with me. With young ones Christmas gets a whole different dimension. Not so much contemplation, but immens amounts of joy and lots of quality time! 

So from us to you: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

One thing I am very happy about is that  just before christmas eve I was able to send some blocks to Mollie Sparkles 'Sewing for Sydney'. Truthfully not as many as I would have liked, but 4 Blocks in the hand is better then 10 in the stash.

Till next time,

22 Dec 2014

Tula 60-61

The blocks this week are quite abstract, but I loved how quick they came together.

Block 60: Maze

Block 61: Abstract
Although the photo doesn't show it the last block is made with a lovely deep purple fabric. 

I am very pleased with the result, indeed.

till next time,

21 Dec 2014

IOU from Friday

So Friday was another Friday Night Sew In night. 

This time however things did not go quite as well as planned…
I did manage to get some blocks together, but I also ended dealing with one very poorly girl. I am glad to say that at the end of this weekend she is doing much better and she keeps all her food down again, which does make a nice change ;)

The night before FNSI I had already been playing with my layout:

And by the end of the weekend…I have 4 blocks finished. 

It's a start and better then none at all...

till next time,

15 Dec 2014

Tula 56-59

I'll spare you the details of the last 2 weeks. They were without any sewing, that should say enough :(.

Last night I had the first opportunity to catch up and to get some instant gratification I decided to catch up on the German City Sampler QAL.

Block 56: Filmris
Block 57: Reading between the lines

Block 58: Sunrise
Block 59: Fan
Block 59: Fan
The last block I decided to redo, the fabrics I had picked didn't work out the way I first imagined and I am much happier with the last version.

To make sure I get in some more sewing time in this week I signed up to FNSI this friday, maybe you want to join me? Check out Wendy's Sugarlane quilts for the details and sign ups.

till next time,

3 Dec 2014

ALYOF Last goal of the year

We have this dog called Lola or in german we call her Flummie ;). She is a total mutt with lots of runningdog in her. When we travel to visit friends and/or family we don't always take her with us since the journeys are often very long and the stay relatively short.

Up untill recently I had this great dog pension across the road from us which meant Lola got to run around with heaps of other dogs in the woods so familiar to her. Sadly the lady who was running it is retiring her business. 

By coincidence I mentioned this to my uncle who immediately asked if Lola could come and stay with him. So when we went away on a short break in beginning of oktober she went and stayed with him. He is so smitten with her, that I honestly couldn't think of anyone who would take better care of her then him. 

Over New Year we are visiting relatives and friends and he will be looking after Lola again, so as a thank you I decided to make him a quilt. For him and Lola to cuddle under.
My uncle has an impressive collection of owls and when I saw this pattern in 'Dare to be square' I knew I had to make it for him one day. I am changing the colour scheme to suit his taste better. but the owl pieces have all been cut up. Tomorrow I will continue with the back ground, for which I have chosen a warm beige tone.

My ALYOF goal for December is: to finish my uncle Hootenanny quilt.

till next time,

1 Dec 2014

Tula 54/55: Advent is here

So the Tula Chapter is done!!! The last two blocks are:

Block 54: Sunny side up
Block 55: Bourballs
And I also managed to finish Mr.C. Advent Calendar in time, but the weather doesn't really allow for nice pics:

The sachets are off centre in the squares and so I decided to organically echo quilt them. I love the effect and are amazed at what a difference the quilting makes to the whole feel of the quilt (compared by his brothers one that I stippled last year).

Organic echoing of the pockets
Backing Mr.C.'s advent calendar
Mr. K.'s stippled advent calendar
I am pleased with the outcome and so is Mr.C. who was very pleased to empty the first pocket this morning. That's one more of the FAL Q4 list, yeah!

I am linking to Aylin and Susannes Monday makers and Lynnes Small blog meet and Fresh sewing day.

Till next time,