Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

31 Jan 2015

First Finish of the year

Almost the last day of the month but  I managed to finish this months ALYOF goal and my first FAL Q1 goal. Today the sun actually came out for 3 minutes so I rushed out and got some pics:

 I designed it kind of as I went . It was all stash that I used, but I did buy grey fleece for the back.

 I am really getting into the idea of sewing from my stash for 2015 and feel confident that I will keep it up.

On the border I FMQ some organic square stipple (I am not sure weather that is what you call it)

I am also working on a Hedgehog cuddle to go with the quilt, luckily the baby has not announced itself yet.

Linking to the Finishes party over at Melissa and Shanna.

till next time,
Edit: this Quilt is also on my FAL Q1 list


  1. Looks really nice - like the pattern and colors!
    What is the plan - one month, one project all with existing stash? I am looking forward to it! :-)

  2. Very cute quilt for soon-to-be baby! I like it's modern patterning with your HST.
    I'm also a 'figure it out as you go' girl, and found there are few of us. So nice to meet up with another!


  3. A lovely finish...very cute, & I do like your colour combo! I too have been sewing HST's, all fabric from my stash, with no plan or pattern, it's a lot of fun! Linda

  4. I like the quilting on the border. It's fun making something out of what you already have, isn't it?