Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

12 Jan 2015

Miss Tula 2/3 done!

The holidays are a low point in my sewing time, no surprise there really. This time I was ok with that. I used to get a bit edgy and grumpy, but not any more. I felt very happy and blessed to spend qualitytime with my family. It may have something to do with all of them becoming more aware of christmas and holidays general. Also traveling has become much easier, and therefore enjoyable again. My horizon is broadening.

Anyway Miss Tula was put on hold, but last week I caught up, just in time as we are finishing this chapter next week already. Is it just me or did this one whizz by?

Block 62: wash out

Block 63: Fade

Block 64: Toonladders

Block 65: Card game

Block 66: Jenga

Block 67: Popsicals

For all the other blocks in the German City Sampler QAL check out our Flickr group

till next time,


  1. Wow, tolle Blöcke hast Du da genäht Iris! Und nein, es ging nicht nur Dir so - das Kapitel ist echt ratzfatz vorbei... Nur noch eine Woche! Aber es waren einfach nicht so viele Blöcke und nach den Dreiecken ließen die sich auch noch so flott nähen :-)
    LG, Sandra

  2. Ja, das ist wirklich so, das Kaptiel ist/war ultrakurz. Deine Blogserie gefällt mir gut, witzig, dass du immer den gleichen Kombistoff eingesetzt hast. LG, Eva