Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

23 Feb 2015

Henri and Tula

This is Henri. Orginally he was meant to be Daisy, but since a little boy is on the receiving end of this cuddle I renamed him Henri.

I looked into the possibility of making a bow tie for him, but nothing really convinced me. Since he is the first cuddly toy I have ever sewn I thought: 'quit while you are ahead' as I am quite pleased with how good he came out. 

He is also the first quilt project that I took into our beautiful forrest to do a photoshoot with, hence the potential overkill of pics.

Henri is made after a pattern from Jennifer Jangles, which she taught on the sewing party back in November. And was my ALYOF goal of the month.

Since today is monday I also want to share my Tula blocks of the week:

Block 79: allotment

Block 80: bird view 

As always there are many more blocks in the German City Sampler QAL flickr group.

I am linking to the finishes party of Melissa and Shanna of ALYOF and to Monday Makers/Montags Macher from Aylin and Susanne

Till next time,

Edit: Henri was part of my FAL Q1 list


  1. I really love this cuddle. There is someone some will be very glad
    greetings Frederika

  2. Henri is a very handsome chap indeed and he looks very cuddly too. More lovely Tula blocks..... keep up the good work. xx

  3. Henri is so cute, I'm sure he will be loved! Und Deine Tula Blöcke sind auch wieder klasse geworden!
    Eine schöne Woche, LG, Sandra

  4. Henri is so adorable and looks all set for lots of cuddling!

  5. Oh my goodness - Henri is ADORABLE! I want a Henri now!!