Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

2 Feb 2015

Life and Tula

So as far as  blogging goes I am of to flying start this year. I have posted more posts in January than in any other month before. Ironically as far as sewing goes it must have been one of my slowest months.

I really only finished my friends baby boy HST quilt and I did do some Tula, but even there I didn't keep up completely.

I think the running may have something to do with it…… So far my half marathon preparation is going well. I feel fitter then ever and having completed week 4 of my training schedule without any injury I am getting more confident that this is really going to happen.

The intensity is of a different level and so it is good that I know it will end at the end of march. I seem to be an all or nothing girl. I guess it would be nice if for 2015 I can look for some 'middle of the road'.

As I am writing this post I realised that I didn't share the blocks that finished the last chapter. I drafted the post, but then never published it. So without further ado here are blocks 68-74:

Block 68: Sunday Morning

Block 69: Headlines

Block 70: Slots

Block 71: Zoo

Block 72: Logcabin

Block 73: Foxyloxi

Block 74: U turn
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  1. Like your 71 "zoo" block very much - cool version! Good luck with the running and keep well :-)