Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

15 Apr 2015


I participated in several IG swaps over the last couple of weeks. The most recent one left my house today. After the very succesful IGminiswap that @curly_boy1 hosted there was a sequel in the form of Just UK swap. Now technically I do not live in the UK, but on the basis that I could provide a UK address and would be happy to send from Germany I was allowed to participate.

This is what I made for my partner:

In her mosaic she revealed a love for the Dashwood Petit Street line and mugs.

I had this line lying around at home loving it, but never been brave enough to actually cut into it. When I saw her mosaic it gave me the push I needed.  From a colour perspective this is one of my more demure quilts and maybe a more contrasting background fabric would have served it better. I am still very happy with the outcome.

For the quilting I did the opposite to what I did with the kitties (my previous mini). I quilted each mug in a different pattern and left the background blank with the exception of some steam curls above each mug.

My preference for minis is to hang them up, so I always add some hanging triangles.

Of course I added some extras:

I made a pincushion bracelet after a tutorial from Just Jude and an open wide pounch after the famous tutorial from Noodlehead. I filled the pouch with some thread, scraps and buttons.

The more experience I get with the swapping the more generous I find myself filling the parcel. For me it's the experiencing first hand what it feels like to receive some extras that made me give more as well.  I have received some very generous parcels in the past that boost my confidence in adding some extras myself. Afterall it is the thought that counts not wether one gets is spot on perfect.

till next time,

this mini is part op my FALQ2 list

I am linking to Amanda Jean's finish it up Friday and Thank goodness it's finish Friday over at maartje this week and last but nor least Pet Project show over at Pink Doxies


  1. Great mini and wonderful swap extras. They will be appreciated.

  2. Aww how lovely - quilting the mugs in a different pattern really makes them pop - it looks wonderful!

  3. that's a fab mini, I love it!

  4. Such a beautiful mini. Love the quilting.
    Thanks for linking up at the TGIFF
    Love from Amsterdam.

  5. This is a beautiful mini - love the swirls of steam coming from the cups too.
    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*