Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

6 Jul 2015

hand piecing: a ALYOF goal

So my #100daysoffabric has really taken off now. In the second week I first tackled the Elsa Dress I have promised Miss J. for her birthday. I procrastinated badly with this dress out of fear. It turned out that once I got started the snowflake fabric was not exactly a joy to sew with but definitely also not as bad as I though.
Day 8
day 9

But the finish worked wonders for my garment sewing confidence. I haven't been this proud of one of my project since my siblings together quilt.

Day 10
Next I needed to start working on my #handpiecedminiswap as the shipping deadline is on the 19th July.
Day 11
Hand piecing and I have a bit of a ambivalence in our relationship. I love the soothing, calming effect hand piecing has. I am also a fan of the mobility. It can virtually be done any time, any where and most of all that makes for an excellent combination with my kids.
Day 12
The downside: progress can feel rather slow. No strike that: it is slow. In a way that is the whole point of it. My impatience sometimes can't take that.

Day 16
So in between I took a break and worked on some bee blocks and other quick finishes.

Day 18
And then on day 18 there was a click. From then on progress seemed to be really fast. I can't imagine that I picked up my sewing pace, but all of a sudden there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 19

Due to the heatwave we have been experiencing since last week sewing had to wait till the evening when things marginally cooled down. On day 19 I nearly finished the ring, but didn't quite make it till the last star when I shocked myself by leaving it and rather then having to push for a finish I decided to look forward to the finish the next day.
Day 20
It felt good! I am proud of that decision and I fully credit the proces that this project got me into for that. There is discipline involved no doubt about it, but I am amazed at the recharging effect it has. Not to mention creative ideas that have started to float.

For now I like to keep at it and make finishing this hand pieced mini my ALYOF goal of July.

Edit: I have since finished it and would REALLY appreciate some quilting suggestions:

till next time,

Linking to Lees WIP wednesday and Melissa and Shannas ALYOF Goal setting party.


  1. That's a lovely piece for your hand pieced swap. I didn't sign up for this one as I didn't think I'd have the time.

  2. Hello,
    My suggestions for quilting would be to quilt like crazy in the white background areas but in the outer star areas, do some light straight lines. You won't see the stitching that much due to the print on the fabric. In the white inner circle, maybe some pebbles? The innner green solid star, again something beautiful but the
    red print areas, not so much. The print hides the stitching. Hope it helps.

    1. Hi Ruth, thank you so much for your suggestions. I guess it would definitely make the star pop.

  3. This is beautiful; I've never seen such a pattern before! Do you really have to give it away? (sob!)