Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

6 Jul 2015

Project life week 27: 29 June-5 July

This week things got pretty heated up here with temperatures of 35++ degree Celsius. Not much sewing going on, hence more kids pics this week. Also I wanted to post the progress I made in a separate post all about my 100daysoffabric project. Enjoy,

Monday: We booked a local indoor playground for our next birthday

Tuesday: Miss J. build a whole village and was so proud.

Wednesday: I found Miss J. downstairs, the heat drove her there.

Thursday: Daddy came home with pressies from a very special shop today.

Friday: Finally I attached the label and send my first Sibling together quilt off.

Saturday: Yoga freaks

Sunday: the long awaited funfair finally opens (despite the heat we visited ....briefly)
Till next week,

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