Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

12 Jul 2015

Project life week 28: 6-12 July

Monday: Nearly there, but I am so tired, oh well tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday: Happy Mail, or so I thought. The booklet that goes with the templates is missing. The publisher promised to send me another copy.

Wednesday: One test block for the birthday pillow

Thursday: because sometimes cooking for 1 just makes no sense

Friday: irresistabel and not always available

Saturday: The pillow is finished, blog to follow soon.

Sunday: Some home made marmalade for the host of a lovely Sunday lunch invitation

Till next week,


  1. I'm sure that pillow is going to be a big hit with the recipient! (I can think of a few kids in my life who would love one.)

  2. It looks really good. I'm doing the "full" version of the quilt, in the bus while going to work. It takes time, but I don't have a deadline like you. I cannot tell from the pictures but are you doing it with paper or sewing on the lines ?

  3. Great makes this week. I love the rosette