Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

5 Aug 2015

Project life week 29/30/31: 13 July-2 August

Otherwise known as the summer holidays

Monday: The holiday is of to a good start, my long awaited parcel from Australia arrives.

Tuesday: More good news, I manage to pick up my Lori Holt 'Modern Minis' FQs from the 'Zollamt'

Wednesday: In between frantically packing out bags I somehow not only manage to finish my Handpieced mini, but send it off as well.

Thursday: When we arrive in the UK, this is waiting for me. What a warm welcome!

Friday: We spend friday with our little piggies in Peppa Pig world.

Saturday: For the third consecutive year I take my scrappy EPP hexie project on our summer holidays

Sunday: guess who caught the flowers on the wedding?

Monday: Last minute shopping for our camping trip

Tuesday: In this first week I seem to make good progress

Wednesday: We plan our route and head for Porthsmith for our ferry to France

Thursday: 'Toutes Direction' my favourite traffic sign

Friday: Breakfast can be hard work

Saturday: We make it just in time for the last sunflowers

Sunday: Our bracelet collection expands when we go to a french indoor playground (the blue one is for the pool on the campsite)

Monday: We head to the Zoo where we got to feed the parrots

Tuesday: a Banksy chicken on the beach

Wednesday: I finally manage to take my hexies with me to the beach

Thursday: oh the joys of a hammock

Friday: Last day of the holiday, What's that saying 'when in Rome...'

Saturday: On one of our pitstops we find an animal enclosure with Emu's, peacocks, geese, goats, deer and a pony. A strange combination, but all get on ready well

Sunday: upon going through my mail I discover the handpicked mini that was made for me, isn't it lovely?

Till next week,


  1. It looks like you and your family had a great holiday. I love the bold fabrics in your hexie project.

  2. Hi
    Ben jij iris reijnen?
    Ik ben je oude buurmeisje en vriendinnetje van vroeger
    Groetjes Femke Ramakers

    1. OMG hoe heb jij mij in vredesnaam gevonden?? Woon jij/je ouders nog in Velden? Heb je een email adres?