Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Aug 2015

Project life week 34+35: 17-30 August

Monday: Irish Dance trial

Tuesday: Self portret of a 5 year old

Wednesday: weekly trip to the forest with the kindergarden

Thursday: a finish in the nick of time

Friday: visiting friends, with much better dress up attributes

Saturday: Just hanging (in there)

Sunday: These animals warrant a detour

Monday: Hello Whole30

Tuesday: the rest of the household is in Minion fever

Wednesday: with sick kids at home, not much sewing going on, but picking fabric is always possible

Thursday: On the mend

Friday: and then another sick one, this kid sleeps anywhere is he is sick

Saturday: a pony and frilly hairbits, somebody is having a lucky day

Sunday: Blogging and finishing my #textmeminiquiltswap

till next week,

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