Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Aug 2015


Normally I don't like to finish things at the very last minute, but sometimes life does just happen. 
I've had all my kids at one day or another at home this  last whole week. Thank God for the sew meet up at Dorthe in my LQS

I managed to finish the quilting on friday and then finished the binding by hand (a first for me, definitely not a last) yesterday.

For quilting I echoed the star

I revelled in the hand sewing bit. It is so relaxing, after having done it this time, it makes me wonder why on earth I have never done it before. After all I 've done 1000+ hand sewn hexies, just never thought to try the binding.

But it came out really neat and seems to be much more reliant then machine binding.
Anyhow this one is on its way to the post office tomorrow, which is actually the last shipping date for internationals, so all is well that ends well.

I am linking up to the finishes party of ALYOF as this was my August goal.

Till next time,

This mini is also part of my FAL Q3 list


  1. Looks perfect!
    Important is only that you're able to do last minute sewing - and it still looks that good :-)

  2. Oh Iris,

    es war sooo schön dich endlich live kennengelernt zu haben. Der Miniquilt für den Swap ist super schön und beim nächsten Mal zeige ich dir gerne nochmal die Galt Variante füs Binding.

    LG Judith