Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

23 Sep 2015

WIP Wednesday

Last week I  finished my #sewmystashminiquiltswap top.

But how to quilt it? I posted it to IG and asked for suggestions. Pippa kindly replied with a link to an app that she uses for these occasions and a design she suggested.

After a couple of evenings battling this app on my smartphone I decided to give up. The screen is simply to small to design anything sensabel.

 So I went to the local office supply shop and asked for overhead projector sheets and an erasable pen

The young shop assistant stared at me blankly.

It wasn't until her older colleague helped her that she was able to help me, talk about feeling like a dinosaur. 

So I stuck a couple of sheets together and set off to design. On the pictures the lines aren't so well visible, due to me picking a small pen.

 No decisions made, so if you feel you've got a great suggestion, please feel free to comment below.

How do you decide/design your quilting?

Linking to Lee over at Freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday.

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  1. That's a great idea! It often takes lots of thinking and trial and error to be happy with my quilting decisions.

  2. This is a cute way to make a rainbow quilt, love the low volume background. I would go with a geometric design of some sort I think - doesn't need much because the colors pop so much.

  3. That is going to be gorgeous! I have a piece of 1/8" clear acrylic that I use; I didn't think about projector sheets (and I'm old enough to remember them!) I helps plan the quilting, but hasn't kept me from quilting myself into the occasional corner yet :-)