Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

16 Oct 2015

FW1930sQAL block 9 -10

So my first Farmers Wife Friday. This week is was the turn of block 9 and 10. With each block comes a letter send to the editor of a magazine called 'Farmers Wife'. The letters were all written during the great depression in the USA.

The letter accompanying block 9 the last paragraph really struck a cord with me.
"I could find plenty to do in that half hour, but I believe the time well spent and I can accomplish more after s little relaxation of both mind and body."

The letters all are brimming with positivity it seems. A real desire to look on the bright side, but at the same time not whipping away that life is tough at times indeed, a silver line.
So too in the second letter this week: "I used to grieve with other childless women whom I met. Now I know the bliss of having babies to cuddle, even if they are no flesh and blood of my own."

Block 9: Autumn
Block 9 was quite straightforward to sew. I could have taken more care in choosing the green pieces. But since we are still at the beginning of the QAL I want to be as economical with the fabric as possible, until I can make a besser judgement if what I bought will be enough. I doesn't bug me enough to redo the block, so I am keeping this one. 

Block 10: Ava
Block 10 came together super fast. I am working on my lighting situation in me sewing cellar and think the pics came out a lot better, thanks to a daylight lamp. However here I want to make the footnote that the blue in block 10 is actually more of a teal in real life, either way it pops nicely.

Till next week for blocks 11 and 12,

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