Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

31 Jan 2015

First Finish of the year

Almost the last day of the month but  I managed to finish this months ALYOF goal and my first FAL Q1 goal. Today the sun actually came out for 3 minutes so I rushed out and got some pics:

 I designed it kind of as I went . It was all stash that I used, but I did buy grey fleece for the back.

 I am really getting into the idea of sewing from my stash for 2015 and feel confident that I will keep it up.

On the border I FMQ some organic square stipple (I am not sure weather that is what you call it)

I am also working on a Hedgehog cuddle to go with the quilt, luckily the baby has not announced itself yet.

Linking to the Finishes party over at Melissa and Shanna.

till next time,
Edit: this Quilt is also on my FAL Q1 list

25 Jan 2015

Project Life week 4: 19-25 January

Monday: on my run I was greeted by some new occupants. 

Tuesday: cold run

Wednesday: I dug out my FMQ gloves to finish my baby boy quilt

Thursday: my first ever Zumba session.

Friday: happy mail from mass drop

Saturday: the loot from the library 

Sunday: breaking bad episode 1, intrigued

22 Jan 2015

Tomorrow is Friday night sew in night

I've signed up for this months Friday Night Sew In (FNSI). Wendy over at Sugarlanequilts hosts a lovely Friday night Sew in every third friday of the month. I love pencilling this evening in my diary, it makes me more dedicated to use that time and so far I've always been pleasantly surprised at how much I progressed in a nice dedicated evening of sewing.

For tomorrow I am planning to start my hegdehog cuddle to go with the baby boy quilt I've been working on.

But I've had to drop my machine of because it was making a high screeching sound so I might not be able to finish my hedgehog as my substitute machine and I don't always see eye to eye. That said I plan to make good headway on it. So I'll get back to you sometime on saturday to share how I got on.

till next time,

19 Jan 2015

Project Life week 3: 12-18 January

Monday: First Tulips of the year

Tuesday: I finished my HST baby boy quilt

Wednesday: there is nothing like a nice cup of tea before yoga

Thursday: Dental appointment for further work on my implant

Friday: Happy mail, Elsa may happen for Karnaval after all

Saturday: joining down ideas for #sewmystash2015challenge1

Sunday: it has been one of those days. 

till next time,

16 Jan 2015

Sew my stash 2015

This week I read Wendys post on how she is trying to manage her UFO/WIP pile. It turns out that have developped a simple, yet seemingly effective way of tackling a pile of UFO/WIPs. The steps are as following:

1. Download the UFO Challenge chart here.
2. Fill in twelve projects that you want to finish this year. You can choose from any of your UFOs. If you have a kit you bought but never opened or fabric you've been holding on to for too long, add using it up to the list. Embroidery, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, and painting can count toward your list, too!
3. On the first Monday of each month, we'll randonly draw a number 1--12. That number will correspond with which number project you work on throughout the month. Fill in the description of where you were in the project before you start.
4. At the end of the month, fill in your progress and post pictures for everyone to see using the hashtag #APQResolution.
5. By the end of the year, you'll have 12 finished projects! Or you'll at least have made a significant dent in your stack of UFOs.
So I did:

And the reason I did was because a lot of my stash is from fabric purchased for a specific project/quilt. Now I recently blogged about my desire to sew my stash in 2015 and linking to that my participation in Leasas 


It just seems like the next logical step. More on the UFO of this month later in another post soon.

But speaking of 'sewing my stash' I'd like to share with you my WIP baby boy quilt which will be my first sewn from stash project in 2015. I was given a lovely bundle of FQ's and decided to make a quilt for my friend who is expecting her second baby boy in february. I had decided on HST, but when it came to the border I found myself automatically wanting to buy fabric. When I became aware of this I made myself do one more round of my stash and found 2 lovely, very matching fabrics that together with the the leftover solid green they made a very nice border, if I do say so myself.

I did think that the best binding for this  quilt would be a solid, so I 'indulged' in buying some solid grey/anthracite. Not heaps, just about enough for the binding, with a bit of scrap left over for which I do already have a plan in mind.

Till next time,

12 Jan 2015

Miss Tula 2/3 done!

The holidays are a low point in my sewing time, no surprise there really. This time I was ok with that. I used to get a bit edgy and grumpy, but not any more. I felt very happy and blessed to spend qualitytime with my family. It may have something to do with all of them becoming more aware of christmas and holidays general. Also traveling has become much easier, and therefore enjoyable again. My horizon is broadening.

Anyway Miss Tula was put on hold, but last week I caught up, just in time as we are finishing this chapter next week already. Is it just me or did this one whizz by?

Block 62: wash out

Block 63: Fade

Block 64: Toonladders

Block 65: Card game

Block 66: Jenga

Block 67: Popsicals

For all the other blocks in the German City Sampler QAL check out our Flickr group

till next time,

11 Jan 2015

Project Life week 2: 5-11 january

Monday: Homeward bound

Tuesday: Bye, Bye Christmas

Wednesday: early morning run. 

Thursday: a little motivation treat. 

Friday: one baby boy quilt all cut up, ready to chainpiece.

 Saturday: feeding wild boar at our local 'wildpark', imagine our surprise to see them having young ones. 

Sunday: as this is a training free day I am enjoying a pre dinner G&T. 

Till next week,

9 Jan 2015

My philosophy for 2015

Over the holidays with all the reviews of 2014 and good intentions for 2015 being blogged about I got a bit pensive.

I wanted to post this post earlier, but have been roaming the internet to find the source of a story I've once heard. Alas without succes. I can't even remember the whole story, but the punch line stuck. So for lack of a story I give you a quote that covers the punch line nicely:

Generally I want to 'let go' in 2015, declutter, reorganise, believing that less can be more, quality over quantity.

Quilting related this for me means I will make more effort of sewing from my stash and cutting into some of my treasured fabrics. So when I saw Leasas initiative I couldn't resist as it is so up my ally.


I'll keep you updated throughout the year.

till next time,


6 Jan 2015

FAL 2015 Q1

Finish along 2015 is coming this year from New Zealand. Adrienne from on the windy side is taking over the batton from Katy.

I've been thinking about what I want to do in 2015 with my quilting and I will post some of my thoughts in a separate post, but the short of it will be that I want to try to use up my stash and finish/tidy some of my older WIP's.

With 3 old WIPs in there I think this is reflected in my Q1 goal list:

1. Rainbow mini swap

2. Dumpling bag

3. Open wide pouch

4. Hedgehog cuddly

5. Sugar Block Club 2014 quilt (WIP)

6. Euro Bee Sibling Together Bee quilt

7. Sew Kitchy BOM mini (WIP)

8. Bloggers BOM 2012 (old WIP)

 9. IG scrappy Log cabin QAL

10. bicycle bag for miss J.

11. HST Quilt for Baby boy a friend of mine is having in February (also set as my ALYOF goal

It seems a VERY ambitious list to have. Last year I tended to have fewer projects on there, because I wanted to be sure I could finish them all. This year I will be looking to get a fair few old WIPs busted so if one or the other project has to roll over, so be it.

What are your plans for this quarter?

till next time,