Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

23 Feb 2015

Henri and Tula

This is Henri. Orginally he was meant to be Daisy, but since a little boy is on the receiving end of this cuddle I renamed him Henri.

I looked into the possibility of making a bow tie for him, but nothing really convinced me. Since he is the first cuddly toy I have ever sewn I thought: 'quit while you are ahead' as I am quite pleased with how good he came out. 

He is also the first quilt project that I took into our beautiful forrest to do a photoshoot with, hence the potential overkill of pics.

Henri is made after a pattern from Jennifer Jangles, which she taught on the sewing party back in November. And was my ALYOF goal of the month.

Since today is monday I also want to share my Tula blocks of the week:

Block 79: allotment

Block 80: bird view 

As always there are many more blocks in the German City Sampler QAL flickr group.

I am linking to the finishes party of Melissa and Shanna of ALYOF and to Monday Makers/Montags Macher from Aylin and Susanne

Till next time,

Edit: Henri was part of my FAL Q1 list

22 Feb 2015

Project Life Week 8: 16-22 February

Monday: getting away from the Carnaval madness

Tuesday: My old dryer died, today was the day for its replacement

Wednesday: a quick finish….(remember the fabrics I pick last monday?)

Thursday: glorious weather for a run

Friday: bath time for everybody

Saturday: this was not their best deal, but I do like green 

Sunday: After a long run there is nothing like a good roast dinner to recharge. 

till next time,

21 Feb 2015


So yesterday was the third Friday of the month and that means FNSI:

Wendy has been hosting this party for quite a while now and the turn out is always great.

In the past I've been succesful catching up with Tula on FNSI, so when I signed up I decided to start some preparation work.

The German Tula Pink City Sampler is advanced it to the high 70s. Up until now I have been making blocks pretty random. The only 'design' I had tought of was Black and white plus 1. Sitting down and drawing the 100 'blocks' made me think a lot more about the end result. I am not done yet, but have enough direction for the next couple of weeks. I am still working on 'sashing' ideas.

Block 75-78
Part of the fun of this QAL is that Tula encourages one to personally name the blocks. So here is what I came up with:
Top left: Block 75: Treasure
Bottom Left: Block 76: Around the block
Top Right: Block 77: Sunrise
Bottom Right: Blok 78: Tia Maria

The rest of the evening was spend pottering/tidying my sewing dungeon, which was nice and relaxing as well and that is exactly what I like about the FNSI sign up, you purposely set time aside.
Thanks Wendy and I'll see you all next month (21st March) for the next FNSI.

till next time,

15 Feb 2015

Project Life Week 7: 9-15 February

Monday: picking fabric for a quick finish

Tuesday: making my karnaval costume

Wednesday: My APQ resolution from January is finished and photographed

Thursday: Carnaval in the kindergarden. 

Friday: happy mail, I couldn't have thought of a nicer way to start the weekend. 

Saturday: my Valentine thought of me. 

Sunday: Carnaval parade

Till next week,

#APQResolution January

Last week I finished my All People Quilt Resolution challenge for January. If you are wondering what this challenge involves I blogged about it here
For January my UFO was the giant start quilt. I had pieced all the blocks, so just needed to piece the top, baste it and quilt it. 

I quilted it similar to the quilt I made for Frieda in 2014. The Star is echoed and satin stitched in the ditch. 

I also choose a white border, but this time I went with organic FMQ flowers rather then stars. 

The binding farbic is different as well. All cottons were from my stash, but the fleece backing I had to buy.

To be honest it was easy to get this UFO out of the way, because it was such an easy, quick project and there was just the baby girl that needed this. 

For February my challenge is my 'Tone-it-down' WIP which is not so easy to get completly out of the way, but I'll still give it a try to get it moving along.

So how was your weekend?


8 Feb 2015

Project life week 6: 2-8 February

Monday: My ALYOF grand finale price awaits me.

Tuesday: girls night watching telly. 

Wednesday: first Euro sibling together bee blocks arrived

Thursday: getting on with my #apqresolution January

Friday: boys finally had a haircut

Saturday: someone is coming up for air. 

Sunday: after recovering from a near injury this week I decided on a different training plan

 Till next time,

3 Feb 2015

WIP becomes ALYOF goal.

I love the accronimes I learnt from the quilters blogworld. WOF, HST, WIP, FAL, ALYOF, QAL to name but a few. What is your favourite accronime?

Today I want to share Henry Hedgehog with you, or the WIP he currently is. I am making him to accompany the baby boy HST quilt I made last week.

I saw Henry in one of the classes of the sewing party. It was taught by Jennifer Jangles and she made a female version (Daisy). When I saw it I knew I had to make one for the babyshower of my friend. She however is having a boy so I thought instead of the flower I'll give him a bow tie.

There is lots of pinning involved….

This is what Henry looked like this afternoon. My firm plan is to have him finished ASAP, hence I am making him my ALYOF goal for February. Two birds with one stone since he is also a FAL Q1 goal.

For now I am linking to Lee's WIP Wednesday and the Goal setting party of Shanna and Melissa.

Till next time,

2 Feb 2015

Life and Tula

So as far as  blogging goes I am of to flying start this year. I have posted more posts in January than in any other month before. Ironically as far as sewing goes it must have been one of my slowest months.

I really only finished my friends baby boy HST quilt and I did do some Tula, but even there I didn't keep up completely.

I think the running may have something to do with it…… So far my half marathon preparation is going well. I feel fitter then ever and having completed week 4 of my training schedule without any injury I am getting more confident that this is really going to happen.

The intensity is of a different level and so it is good that I know it will end at the end of march. I seem to be an all or nothing girl. I guess it would be nice if for 2015 I can look for some 'middle of the road'.

As I am writing this post I realised that I didn't share the blocks that finished the last chapter. I drafted the post, but then never published it. So without further ado here are blocks 68-74:

Block 68: Sunday Morning

Block 69: Headlines

Block 70: Slots

Block 71: Zoo

Block 72: Logcabin

Block 73: Foxyloxi

Block 74: U turn
 Linking to Susannes und Aylins MontagsMacher/Monday Makers.

Till next time,