Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Mar 2015

9 lives

Today I send of my Rainbowmini and wanted to share it with you.

It has become one of those minis that was hard to let go off. I really, really, really liked how it turned out and would have loved to have kept it for myself. I guess that is one more for the bucket list.

It was coincedently also my March ALYOF goal. I used some of the cats from ohfranssons Catventalong

For the quilting I did a crosshatch and I satin stitched along the cats to give them some furry feel.

The backing was a grey piece from my stash and I added hanging corners, which I forgot to photograph…

The label I glammed up with some embroidery

It has been very stormy weather here with lots of rain, so when the sun came out briefly today I had no time to be fussy about where the fotoshoot would take place, the girls were very interested though ;)

Now all that is left is to hope that it arrives and that my partner likes it of course.

I am linking to Monday makers and the finishes party of ALYOF

Till next time,
Edit: this mini is also part of my Q1 FAL 

16 Mar 2015


Although it seems like I am retreating from sewing lately, that is not what this post is about. I am not (retreating from sewing), but a couple of side projects are asking a bit more of my time. After next week things will hopefully start to clear up again.

What I wanted to share today is that I for the first time (in forever) I am going on a retreat! I am all booked to go to the Simply Solids Sew'In

I have been wanting to go on one of these since what feels forever, but never found the suitable thing. But this time it all seems to come together. I plan to pack everybody up and drive 1000+ Km. I am very lucky mr Bird takes any excuse to go to the UK.

So from 25-27 Septermber I will be doing nothing but sewingNow that it is booked (and paid) I am super excited and maybe a wee bit nervous. 

Are you going? Any tips from precious occasions? What should I absolutely bring?

I'll keep you informed on my preparation journey till September.

till next time,

15 Mar 2015

Project Life week 11: 9-15 March

Monday: Happy Birthday

Tuesday: another sign for Spring

Wednesday: Happy mail

Thursday: Garment sewing class

Friday: A nice day at the zoo

Saturday: trying new hairstyles

Sunday: Picking fabric for a quick bunting project

Till next time,

11 Mar 2015

Project life Week 10: 2-8 March

Monday: More spring preparations

Tuesday: a good strength training at the gym

Wednesday: Beeblock catch up with my February Bee blocks

Thursday: Variety is the spice of life. I normally am such an oats porridge girl for breakfast.

Friday: First beginnings for my Rainbowswap.
Saturday: if the profet can't come to the mountain…dinner for 2

Sunday: first ice cream al fresco 
Till next time,

6 Mar 2015

Alyof March goal or here kitty kitty

March is rushing by like an ICE train. So here I am on the last evening of the first week getting my act together for ALYOF. But it is indeed necessary as the deadline for the swap is end of March, so it totally makes sense.

And I do find my ALYOF goalsetting a nice little extra stick behind the door (as we say in Dutch), an extra motivation.

I got two blocks done tonight. My swap partner may have a cat or two and so I hope she will like Oh Fransson! Catblocks in her mini. The blocks were fun to make and come together quite quickly.
So my ALYOF goal for March is to finish my Rainbowswapmini!

I am linking to the ALYOF march goal setting party
Till next time,

2 Mar 2015

Project life week 9: 23 February - 1 March

Monday: waking to a winterwonderland is the better then any T.V.
Tuesday: the snow disappeared quickly, but was too heavy for quite a few trees
Wednesday: Testing the pre programming function of our oven, worked like a charm
Thursday: My only sowing this week, my first ever Openwide bag
Friday: getting my manes tamed in preparation of spring

Saturday: a birthday diner 
Sunday: a raining day, so we sheltered in the cinema.
Till next time,