Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

28 Apr 2015

(Euro) Siblings together: Chained

This year I joined a Bee called Euro Sibling Together Bee (ESTB). I felt very strongly about this good cause as from experience I know how important siblings are, especially when tough times happen as youngster.

The ESTB is the mainland European group herded by Pippa with quilters from the Netherlands, Switserland, France, Germany, Denmark and even USA. It originally started in the UK where Lynne set up the Siblings Together Quilting Group to donate quilts to the Siblings together charity.

So what does the Siblings together charity do? They provide a range of recreational, creative and educational activities for children separated by care.

So all the quilts made go to children participating in the summer camps run by Siblings together. Check out the gallery on the Siblings together website.

In January I was queen bee, so I posted my tutorial and colour requirements. I chose a LV background with red, yellow and green highlights. At the time I didn't have a name for the block, but now that the quilt is done I decided on calling it Chained.

I really wanted to finish this quilt for this years summer camp season and I am chuffed I made it. As this quilt is meant for lots of snuggling I kept the quilting minimalistic alternating squares in squares with echoing.

For the backing I used some of the bee blocks and stash and the binding too comes from my stash.

If I am honest the quilt didn't quite come out the way I had imagined and it may not be my Opus Magnum, but I have rarely been more proud of a quilt. I feel very blessed for being able to contribute this quilt to such a fantastic und much needed charity. Now I just hope there is a kid that likes it too.

till next time,

Chained is part of my FALQ2 list and my ALYOF goal for April

I am linking to the finishes party of ALYOFAmanda Jean's finish it up Friday and Thank goodness it's finish Friday  this week and last but nor least Pet Project show over at Pink Doxies

26 Apr 2015

Project Life week 18: 27 April - 3 May

Monday: inspiration comes in many forms. 

Tuesday: an early birthday card absolutely made my day. 

Wednesday: kings day at Dutch school

Thursday: picked up my new glasses. 
Friday:  happy birthday to me. 

Saturday: only the lonely at the gym. 

Sunday: a lovely quick finish

Till next time,

Project Life week 17: 20-26 April

Monday: a bee mate with a bad conscious = happy mail

Tuesday: a bid for more organisation and less chaos. 

Wednesday: I am such a kid sometimes. 

Thursday: making the most of the last day of nice weather. 

Friday: papa's home. 

Saturday: a spot of walking foot quilting on my Euro Siblings Together Bee quilt. 

Sunday: first home grown rhubarb of the year. 

Till next week,

20 Apr 2015

Project Life week 16: 13-19 April

Monday: happy Mail my #ukminiswap arrived

Tuesday: sewed some extras for my partner. 

Wednesday: send off my ukminiswap

Thursday: walking dog today there was no ignoring spring. 

Friday: first swimming lesson. 

Saturday: exploring the dunes. 

Sunday: this has got to be our worst motorway service station meal ever. 

Till next week,

15 Apr 2015


I participated in several IG swaps over the last couple of weeks. The most recent one left my house today. After the very succesful IGminiswap that @curly_boy1 hosted there was a sequel in the form of Just UK swap. Now technically I do not live in the UK, but on the basis that I could provide a UK address and would be happy to send from Germany I was allowed to participate.

This is what I made for my partner:

In her mosaic she revealed a love for the Dashwood Petit Street line and mugs.

I had this line lying around at home loving it, but never been brave enough to actually cut into it. When I saw her mosaic it gave me the push I needed.  From a colour perspective this is one of my more demure quilts and maybe a more contrasting background fabric would have served it better. I am still very happy with the outcome.

For the quilting I did the opposite to what I did with the kitties (my previous mini). I quilted each mug in a different pattern and left the background blank with the exception of some steam curls above each mug.

My preference for minis is to hang them up, so I always add some hanging triangles.

Of course I added some extras:

I made a pincushion bracelet after a tutorial from Just Jude and an open wide pounch after the famous tutorial from Noodlehead. I filled the pouch with some thread, scraps and buttons.

The more experience I get with the swapping the more generous I find myself filling the parcel. For me it's the experiencing first hand what it feels like to receive some extras that made me give more as well.  I have received some very generous parcels in the past that boost my confidence in adding some extras myself. Afterall it is the thought that counts not wether one gets is spot on perfect.

till next time,

this mini is part op my FALQ2 list

I am linking to Amanda Jean's finish it up Friday and Thank goodness it's finish Friday over at maartje this week and last but nor least Pet Project show over at Pink Doxies

13 Apr 2015

A new day, a new dawn and a new quarter

I love fresh starts. So today is extra good as far as I am concerned. I was not overly succesful on my FAL Q1 list, but Q2 should/might/will be different.

Last quarter I decided to sew from my stash. One way I thought of doing this would be through finishing some of my WIPs. So I packed my FAL Q1 list full of them……it don't work that way…..Just looking at my long list of WIPs my sewing mojo took a leave of absence.

And then my rainbow mini happened and I absolutly LOVED it!! Guess what? all stash fabrics!!

So here is a lesson from me to you WIP ≠ Stash sewing. As I write this down it kind of seems like stating the obvious, but the penny didn't drop. For my own consolation I do understand where I went wrong, a lot of my Stash is build from fabric I bought for one or the other project. The crux lies in that I am totally free to use it for anything and I am finding myself very much wanting to do that too. Also I will try to focus more on some quick finishes as well. So i've signed up for some more miniquilt swaps. (Later on more on that)

That being said I don't want to have my WIPs/UFOs lying around forever so they stay in the back of my mind, maybe next quarter, when I'm done playing ;).

For this Quarter I would like to finish:

Euro Sibling Together Bee quilt

 Wedding bunting, not mine, but for a friend of a friend

 Bycycle bag, This is a Q1 roll over

 Dumpling pounch, another roll over from Q1

 Elsa Dress, I've had this pattern for a while, but my daughter found it and keeps asking when it will be done...

The german Tula Pink City Sampler is coming to an end and I want to finish at least the top, but for the rules sake I will try to get it completly done.

Another swap mini due end of this week.

One of the twins is CRAZY for elephants so I decided to make him a pillow based on the elefantparade from Lorna

Hedgehog pillow for the other twin

Notebook cover after the famous tutorial from stitched in colour

Ambitous as ever, but this time I am feeling lots of love for all of them and my creative juices want to flow.

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Till next time,