Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

31 May 2015

Project Life week 22: 25-31 May

Monday: after a lovely walk we had pannekoeken en poffertjes

Tuesday: Hedgehog pillow coming along

Wednesday: I can be such a rebel

Thursday: The last of the birthday gifts finished

Friday: A (false) fire alarm was the cause for the whole restaurant to get evacuated

Saturday: We visited a real castle today

Sunday: Happy birthday 
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30 May 2015

Birthday 3.0 the sequel

As we approach the big 3 sunday I am very happy and relieved to report all the (sewn) birthday gifts are done.

So for Mr C I also sewed a crown (this time with a different inside fabric), a t-shirt and a long sleeved. The long sleeved is completely different, where as the t-shirt is exactly the same as his brothers, which very much represents how we normally approach things. I normally like to give them  the same clothes in different colours (like the crowns). But sometime that is not possible and they'll end up with the same, or something completely different. On any given day they wear different outfits.

Mr C isn't one animal obsessed like Mr K, so I thought the Oh Fransson! hazel hedgehog pattern would be perfect for this. Elisabeth used the same pillow to make her hedgehog and foxes pillows. Silly enough I thought the pillows inserts she used were bigger then mine, so I decided to use the 12,5" block version of it. In hindsight it may have been better to use that version as due to the thickness of it all the backside pulls a bit now. I took the measure Ikea put on it at face value (12" x 24") and thought the thickness was included in that. Oh well you live and learn.

It really only is a little bit. And when he sleeps on it nobody will really notice.

This time I stippled triangles (or an attempt there of) all over. Generally I am very pleased with the outcome, I just wished that the width between the hedgehogs wouldn't stand out so much. If it really bothers me I'll make another one in due time.

We seem to be all set up for the big day tomorrow. Just a couple of cakes to be baked and some decorating to be done.

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The hedgehog pillow is also on my FALQ2 list

25 May 2015

Project life week 21: 18-24 May

Monday: Taming those manes again

Tuesday: Taxreturn appliation, bleh

Wednesday: a quick finish, loving how it turned out!

Thursday: Miss J wanted to cycle to kindergarden, for the first time

Friday: Playing with ideas for my #handpiecedminiswap

Saturday: Elephant pillow for Mr K done!

Sunday: playing with fabrics and colour, very productive before mass.

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Birthyday 3.0

My boys have got an important birthday coming up. The big 3... until very recently I did not realise either what a big deal 3 was, but for my boys the world will open when they are 3 and they have been counting down to this day since a loooong time.

When they turn 3 they:
will not have to wear bibs in Kindergarden anymore
will be allowed to go into the ballpit in Kindergarden unsupervised
will be allowed to go on dance lessons
All of which are tremendous important to them.

I made them crowns last year (it was one of the first things I blogged about) and they were a hit, so a repeat was in order. As this year 3 is so important I decided to rummage through their wardrobe and pimp up some shirts for the occasion as well.

But this year I wanted to make them a present. I recently found some pillows (12"x24") in Ikea that fit their beds perfect. Ever since the sidebars have come of they have taken to sleeping with a pillow so I wanted to make them some pretty ones.

 To say Mr K. is elephant crazy is an understatement. So his pillow was dead easy. I used blocks from Lornas #elephantparadeqal and appliqued a cute little birdie.

That is one done and one to go, with their  birthday not until sunday that seems good going.

Till next time,

The Elephantpillow is also on my FALQ2 list

20 May 2015

One lovely blog award

Earlier this week I received a lovely email from Lisa telling me she awarded me the one lovely blog award. I met Lisa through TGIFF link party. Lisa blogs at Sunlight in winter quilts. I love her mixture of modern and traditional especially her Swoon or her more recent 'Mixed up in the middle' mini.

So what does this award entail?

Here are the rules/instructions for the “One Lovely Blog Award”:
1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (mention your nominator in your own award post with a link back to their original award post, which for me would be this one).
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Nominate 10 other blogs for the award. 
(Note this was how this information came to me but I have since found out that a year ago the 3rd agreement just said nominate other blogs for this I say if 10 seems overwhelming just go with the number you are happy with.
So 7 things you need to know about me?

1. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but via a scenic route (that went through Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and the UK) have currently ended up living in Germany.

2. I am a full time mama to a darling daughter (4 years) and twin boys (2 years).

3. I started blogging almost a year ago and quilting 5 years ago when pregnant with darling daughter.

4. I will be attending my first ever sewing/quilting retreat this september.

5. I have set myself up in the cellar after sharing 'an office' room with my husband turned out to be less than ideal.

6. I love scrappy/stash quilts, you know the ones that have about 70 different fabric 'lines' in them.

7. I ran my first post twin pregnancy half marathon this March and really got into running again, but find myself sewing less as there is only so much time to spare.

So that leaves me with 10 blogs I need to nominate. I proposely picked bloggers that I know to me small and or new(ish) blogs. Some I found thorough the various links parties kicking around, but all really spoke to me. When I find a blog it is important to me that I can relate and preferably that the blog is keeping it real. Please do check them out for yourself and say hello. I am sure it will be hugely appreciated.

I hereby like to nominate in random order:

Michelle who blogs on from bolt to beauty
Eva who blogs on Eva's leisure
Christine who blogs on Grapes & hearts
Eva-Marie who blogs on ZusjeB
Franziska who blogs on Kreatives von mir
Julie who blogs on Pink Doxies
Juditch who blogs on Julchen naeht
Sandra who blogs on Hohenbrunner Quilterin
Anne who blogs on Hudson Valley Quilts
Natasha who blogs on One thousand layers

The pictures featuring this post are of some of my favourite quilts I made over the last year. I hope it was fun for you to read this out of the ordinary post and you will look up some of my nominees.

Till next time,

18 May 2015

Project Life Week 20: 11-17 May

Monday: really pleased with my alliums

Tuesday: Happy mail just in time of the bank holiday weekend

Wednesday: very impressed with the use of colour by my girl 

Thursday: these beauties will be turned into 2 fox tails, 2 snakes and 2 mice tails for the summer fete of the kindergarten where the kids will perform 'the Gruffelo'

Friday: happy mail quilt labels for my ESTB quilt have arrived

Saturday: the word of the day is: Sulking

Sunday: while the rest of us are looking forward to summer my darling daughter likes drawing families of snowmen (who don't like the summer...?!)

Till next week,

11 May 2015

The bar is open

I don't think I ever finished my AYLOF goal this quick.

A friend of a friend is getting married this June and commissioned me to make bunting to hang on the desert table.

Once the letters are appliqu├ęd it is put together very fast. I do like a couple of fast finished to get a sense of accomplishment.

I am linking to Monday Makers and the finishes Party of ALYOF when it opens.

till next time,

This is also part of my FAL Q2 list