Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Jun 2015

100 days of fabric

After taking the pledge here, I realised that I have been neglecting to set time aside to be creative. It just slips, life just happens and at the end of the day I find myself tired and drained. But I also know that nothing recharges me more/better then some sewing time. So time to make more of a conscious effort.

Et voila I found the #the100dayproject. It is all about the proces. It started a while back, but since I am doing this for me I 'joined'.

There have been days that it was a real struggle to find even just one hour. But there has so far not been a day where I regretted making the effort.

day 1
The first week in was relatively easy, since there are a ton of birthdays coming up. Which is great for quick finishes.

Day 2
I was also behind on bee blocks.

Day 3

Then I expanded my sewing range a bit.
Day 4
Day 5
I managed to finish a project I had lying around for quite some time. I once had this dress that I loved, but it was getting old. So I decided to take it a apart and use it as a pattern for a newer version. That is definitely easier said then done, but it is finished now and I am very, very pleased with the result.

Day 6
I have signed up for a hand pieced mini swap which is currently taking all my time. The deadline is looming and piecing is slow. Keeping at is has been a real challenge, and I have taken 2 joker days. 

Although it is early days I can see what is meant by 'it is all about the proces'.

Creativity takes effort, but always worth it!

you can follow my 100 day project on Instagram #100daysoffabric

till next time,

Project Life Week 26: 22-28 June

Monday: the family of geese was such a lovely sight.

Tuesday: signed up for a different kind of bee

Wednesday: more handpiecing

Thursday: we had a very special musical afternoon

Friday: a change in playground can work wonders.

Saturday: slowly, slowly getting there.

Sunday: It seems wasps have been helping themselves to our chicken house, no sign of their nest though.

Till next week,

22 Jun 2015

Project Life Week 25: 15-21 June

Monday: marks the first day of my #100daysoffabric

Tuesday sees me whipping up a quick crown. 

Wednesday: home made baba ganoush sandwich

Thursday: dress making

Friday: It's the little things sometimes.

Saturday: give away happy mail from fabric please!

Sunday: Tents are a great toy on a rainy day 

Till next week,

15 Jun 2015

The pledge

I made the pledge!

I have recently not been prolific in blogging (or sewing for that matter). I've been a bit lost on IG (again not posting, more looking) and the internet generally. I may also have been carried away by one or the other t.v. series. But at the end of the day I have to conclude that I don't feel any way near as recharged from any of those activities that I can do from a good sewing session. That penny really dropped when Amy posted about her The For Keeps Campaign.

So this is me taking a conscious step to turn the tables around and start sewing for enjoyment (again), will you join me?

till next time,

Project Life Week 24: 8-14 June

Monday: I love it when they read to each other
Tuesday: slowly, slowly it is coming on #handpiecesswap
Wednesday: Planning gym session with friends is much more fun.

Thursday: to say jersey and a seam ripper are not my favourite combination would be an under statement

Friday: dress day
Saturday: Bee block catch up
Sunday: 3 against 1
Till next week,

8 Jun 2015

Project Life Week 23: 1-7 June

Monday: Elsa Dress here we go.

Tuesday: cleaning up the guest room there were some lost and found things.

Wednesday: when I found my BFFs name at the petrol station I couldn't resist.

Thursday: Hand piecing al fresco

Friday: finally we got the blinds installed in our kitchen. Breakfast should be so much more pleasant now.

Saturday: Happy mail

Sunday: Selfie at the fabric market

till next week,