Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Aug 2015


Normally I don't like to finish things at the very last minute, but sometimes life does just happen. 
I've had all my kids at one day or another at home this  last whole week. Thank God for the sew meet up at Dorthe in my LQS

I managed to finish the quilting on friday and then finished the binding by hand (a first for me, definitely not a last) yesterday.

For quilting I echoed the star

I revelled in the hand sewing bit. It is so relaxing, after having done it this time, it makes me wonder why on earth I have never done it before. After all I 've done 1000+ hand sewn hexies, just never thought to try the binding.

But it came out really neat and seems to be much more reliant then machine binding.
Anyhow this one is on its way to the post office tomorrow, which is actually the last shipping date for internationals, so all is well that ends well.

I am linking up to the finishes party of ALYOF as this was my August goal.

Till next time,

This mini is also part of my FAL Q3 list

Project life week 34+35: 17-30 August

Monday: Irish Dance trial

Tuesday: Self portret of a 5 year old

Wednesday: weekly trip to the forest with the kindergarden

Thursday: a finish in the nick of time

Friday: visiting friends, with much better dress up attributes

Saturday: Just hanging (in there)

Sunday: These animals warrant a detour

Monday: Hello Whole30

Tuesday: the rest of the household is in Minion fever

Wednesday: with sick kids at home, not much sewing going on, but picking fabric is always possible

Thursday: On the mend

Friday: and then another sick one, this kid sleeps anywhere is he is sick

Saturday: a pony and frilly hairbits, somebody is having a lucky day

Sunday: Blogging and finishing my #textmeminiquiltswap

till next week,

17 Aug 2015

Project life Week 33: 10-16 August

Monday: I made a manicure pouch as a thank you for a friend.

Tuesday: Some days this kind of sewing is all that I am able to do.

Wednesday: More progress on my #textmeminiquiltswap

Thursday: One after the other the twins fell asleep in the sand pit, only to wake with high fevers :(

Friday: Entertainment when the big sister has her swimming lessons.

Saturday: The twins found a bottle of nail polish and 'painted' not only themselves, but the floor, sofa and their T-shirts too. Just when you think you've had the worst of it.

Sunday: Seriously contemplating a change in diet.

Till net week,

11 Aug 2015

Hexie update

I wanted to share with you an update on my EPP Hexie quilt. I started this quilt in June 2013 when we took our family holiday to Cornwall, UK and I wanted to have a portable sewing project.

So after a little more then 2 years of road trips/holidays I have managed to sew 1020 1"hexies, pretty neat he?

These hexies have accompanied me to the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Turkey and each holiday I look forward to working more on them.

Linking to WIP Wednesday:

Till next time,

10 Aug 2015

Project Life: week 32:3-9 August

Monday: going for a double session at the gym in an attempt to fight the holiday kilos. 

Tuesday: miss J's hair had to be cut a good 4" due to dryness, amazingly she was a good sport about it. 

Wednesday: guess who took a mud bath in an attempt to stay cool?

Thursday: back on the #100daysoffabric band wagon

Friday: it's a HST kind of evening

Saturday: I want to participate in the Farmers Wife QAL later this year and couldn't resist testing the waters.

Sunday: I finally added the holiday hexies to the mother piece.

Till next week,

6 Aug 2015

ALYOF August goal

My goal for this months ALYOF is my #textmeminiquiltswap mini. 

I've got a plan. I've got everything cut/prepared. I just need to continue to rock 'n roll.

Linking to the ALYOF goal setting party

Till next time,


5 Aug 2015

Project life week 29/30/31: 13 July-2 August

Otherwise known as the summer holidays

Monday: The holiday is of to a good start, my long awaited parcel from Australia arrives.

Tuesday: More good news, I manage to pick up my Lori Holt 'Modern Minis' FQs from the 'Zollamt'

Wednesday: In between frantically packing out bags I somehow not only manage to finish my Handpieced mini, but send it off as well.

Thursday: When we arrive in the UK, this is waiting for me. What a warm welcome!

Friday: We spend friday with our little piggies in Peppa Pig world.

Saturday: For the third consecutive year I take my scrappy EPP hexie project on our summer holidays

Sunday: guess who caught the flowers on the wedding?

Monday: Last minute shopping for our camping trip

Tuesday: In this first week I seem to make good progress

Wednesday: We plan our route and head for Porthsmith for our ferry to France

Thursday: 'Toutes Direction' my favourite traffic sign

Friday: Breakfast can be hard work

Saturday: We make it just in time for the last sunflowers

Sunday: Our bracelet collection expands when we go to a french indoor playground (the blue one is for the pool on the campsite)

Monday: We head to the Zoo where we got to feed the parrots

Tuesday: a Banksy chicken on the beach

Wednesday: I finally manage to take my hexies with me to the beach

Thursday: oh the joys of a hammock

Friday: Last day of the holiday, What's that saying 'when in Rome...'

Saturday: On one of our pitstops we find an animal enclosure with Emu's, peacocks, geese, goats, deer and a pony. A strange combination, but all get on ready well

Sunday: upon going through my mail I discover the handpicked mini that was made for me, isn't it lovely?

Till next week,