Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

23 Sep 2015

WIP Wednesday

Last week I  finished my #sewmystashminiquiltswap top.

But how to quilt it? I posted it to IG and asked for suggestions. Pippa kindly replied with a link to an app that she uses for these occasions and a design she suggested.

After a couple of evenings battling this app on my smartphone I decided to give up. The screen is simply to small to design anything sensabel.

 So I went to the local office supply shop and asked for overhead projector sheets and an erasable pen

The young shop assistant stared at me blankly.

It wasn't until her older colleague helped her that she was able to help me, talk about feeling like a dinosaur. 

So I stuck a couple of sheets together and set off to design. On the pictures the lines aren't so well visible, due to me picking a small pen.

 No decisions made, so if you feel you've got a great suggestion, please feel free to comment below.

How do you decide/design your quilting?

Linking to Lee over at Freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday.

till next time,

21 Sep 2015

Deadline Looming

With a few days spare I am showing you the mini I made for the #LoriHoltMiniQuiltSwap

 I designed it after Lori's book "Quilty Fun". The fabric from the top and binding is Lori's new Line 'Modern Minis'. and opted for a 'simpel' grid quilting.

I think any mini should have some triangles so there is the option to hang it up. For this one again I hand pieced the binding and loved the result again, I may be a convert soon.

The backing is from an older line from Lori, Daisy Cottage.

I loved piecing the mini row by row and like the outcome. Now I just hope my Partner feels the same.

Till next time,

20 Sep 2015

Project life week 37+38: 7-20 September

Monday: I received my Name Tag

Tuesday: That gave me the last push to finish the one for my partner

Wednesday: The start of my #Loriholtminiquiltswap

Thursday: with an exam date set, I really need to hit the books

Friday: Patchwork in Actoin

Saturday: Still going strong with Whole30; papaya/chicken/advocado salad

Sunday: attaching the last row to my Lori Holt mini

Monday: #sewmystashminiquiltswap top finished

Tuesday: the only tomato to escape the kiddie garderners

Wednesday: Paper piecing Farmers wife 1930s

Thursdays: Badges arrived in time for the retreat

Friday: Look what a gorgeous mini my partner @audacious_squid made me for the #textmeminiswap

Saturday: a pillow is not a mini

Sunday: a Lori Holt quilty zip pocket as a little extra with the mini.

Till next week,

Name tag

EEEEK Only 5 more sleeps and the Simply Solids Sewin retreat will start!

I am so excited. The FB group has been building up and exchanging messages.

There are several swaps going on, one of which is a name tag swap. 

I used a pattern/tutorial from Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine written by the talented Jo from 2 Owls Desgins.

It has 2 pockets, one on the front and one on the back, for cards, etc. I opted to embroider the name, but since this is a secret swap I can't reveal it yet. I can't wait to report all about the retreat next week.

till next time,

this Name tag was part of my FAL Q3 list

19 Sep 2015

Drawstring bag

The next little thing that got crossed of my List was a little drawstring bag.

It more or less got made with leftovers from the pillow. The original patterns were in 5" blocks of which I made a test block. Despite the "There is something about Mary" hairstyle it got the seal of approval from Miss. J.

On the other side the same fabric as I used for the backing of the pillow.

It is now in use for all her 'sewing' stuff, I love it!

till next time,

This drawstring bag is part of my FAL Q3 list

17 Sep 2015

Farmers Wife 1930s QAL

YEAY! it has started!
I enjoyed the German Tula QAL last year so much that I decided to participate in another year long QAL. The Farmer's Wife 1930s QAL is hosted by Kerry. There is another one starting later in the month hosted by Fat Quarter Shop and Angie, but that one opts for a more random order of blocks, where Kerry goes numeral. 

I decided to use this Moda Bundle 'Fancy' that has been in my Stash for a while, however I did buy some solids to combine with it. I'll see how far this FQ bundle takes me. The line is still available.

Per week there are two blocks due, whereby one has the choice to paper piece it or use templates. I have opted for the paper piecing option. Martina one of my  Modern Cologne Quilter friends suggested I try using sandwich paper as it is much easier to tear. The slight down side it that there is some tracing to be done beforehand.

 This week Block 1: Addie

Block 2: Aimee

I am looking forward to getting into the flow of this one. How about it feel like joining?

Till next time,

Let it go

I have had quite a few finishes that I wanted to share with you, but between the weather and time there didn't seem a moment. So today I decided that I'd rather have medium indoor pics then postpone posting about them any longer.

 For my girls Birthday I made her not only an Elsa dress (to be shared soon too), but also an pillow. I used an Ikea pillow, same as I used for the Boys here and here. I used paper piecing patterns from Jessica.

I choose her favourites, Olaf, Elsa and Anna, but enlarged them to the size I needed them.

 Then I FMQ organic swirls all over the pillow 

From the back I didn't really get a good shot, but I made an envellope, so that it can be washed.

I am happy to report that it is happily used every night. That is one done and another couple to follow very soon.

Linking to Amanda for Finish it up Friday

till next time,

This pillow is part of my FAL Q3 list

7 Sep 2015

Project Life week 36: 31 August - 6 september

Monday: Camping and Caravan fair with a nice lunch outside

Tuesday first two blocks for my #sewmystashminiquiltswap

Wednesday: happy inspirational mail

Thursday: this must be one of my favourites

Friday: Finally I've started my Simply solids retreat name tag

Saturday: an unexpected date with the Husband, always a treat

Sunday: Day14 of my whole30 and I have to admit I really really LOVE kale/mushroom/tomato stirfry for my breakfast, who would have thought 

Till next week,