Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

31 Oct 2015


Here we are on the last day of the month. As the end came nearer and nearer a couple of spanners were thrown into the works. Since the twins arrived 3,5 years ago today life has been a juggling act. Borders and limits are being newly defined on an almost daily basis.

In the beginning I learnt quickly to reprioritise. Now I am becoming more and more aware that it is a marathon and we are in it for the long haul. That realisation has slowed me down. I no longer seek to break the bank. Compromises have to be made, and can be enjoyed. In the past I begrudged them, but I am changing my tune.

So todays post is a compromise. The quality of the pictures can be considered shocking. The alternative was no Post, no finish, no ALYOF linky party. And I enjoy those. They give me a sense of achievement in a month were (seemingly) not much else was achieved.

Of course I get it, nicely lit pictures are much nicer to look at. But perfection is not what I strive after, balance and enjoyment are.

So I present to you my Finished ALYOF Oktober goal: My Craftsy BOM 2012 quilt which happens to also be part of my FAL Q4 list.

I quilted it with a crosshatch and backed it with an Ikea grey check. The binding was made from the scraps. It measures approx. 48"x 60", which happens to be perfect for the inbetween bed Miss J. sleeps in at the moment. 

Linking to Melissa and Shannas Oktober Finishes Party.

Till next time,

17 Oct 2015

FNSI results

So yesterday was Friday Night Sew In. It beautifully coincided with a meet up with my Modern Cologne  Quilters group, so technically I may not have sewn in, but I'll let it go if you do too.

Cheers to a friend who couln't make it tonight.
 We meet about once a month in Dorthes (in the picture on the left) shop.
Early evening
 Which is great because everything you could possibly need is there.

There is a nice big table set up in the middle of the shop
 Usually there is about 7 of us, which is nice and easy going. We do crack on, whilst chatting of course. A lot of brainstorming and exchanging goes on.

The majority was working on stars for a QAL
 At the moment 5 of the women have joined Aylins and Sandras Christmas tree QAL. Four of them sewed up a storm last night.

I made some progress as well, albeit slow, but at the end of the evening I had finished my Flying geese block.

Result: Flying geese block
It is one of 4 blocks that are missing from my 2012 Craftsy BOM quilt that I have set as my ALYOF goal for this month. There was lots of reminiscing while I worked on the block as the 2012 Craftsy BOM was my first QAL. It also reminded me why I had't persevered with them. Fast forward 3 years and it was still a tricky one to sew. My seam ripper came out quite a few times. But at the end of the day that is one down and only 3 more to go!

I can't wait to see what the other FNSI participants made, check it out here.

EDIT: I will continue to work on my Craftsy BOM 2012 Quilt and was invited by Cath to link to her Desgin Board Monday, see here

Till next time,

16 Oct 2015

FW1930sQAL block 9 -10

So my first Farmers Wife Friday. This week is was the turn of block 9 and 10. With each block comes a letter send to the editor of a magazine called 'Farmers Wife'. The letters were all written during the great depression in the USA.

The letter accompanying block 9 the last paragraph really struck a cord with me.
"I could find plenty to do in that half hour, but I believe the time well spent and I can accomplish more after s little relaxation of both mind and body."

The letters all are brimming with positivity it seems. A real desire to look on the bright side, but at the same time not whipping away that life is tough at times indeed, a silver line.
So too in the second letter this week: "I used to grieve with other childless women whom I met. Now I know the bliss of having babies to cuddle, even if they are no flesh and blood of my own."

Block 9: Autumn
Block 9 was quite straightforward to sew. I could have taken more care in choosing the green pieces. But since we are still at the beginning of the QAL I want to be as economical with the fabric as possible, until I can make a besser judgement if what I bought will be enough. I doesn't bug me enough to redo the block, so I am keeping this one. 

Block 10: Ava
Block 10 came together super fast. I am working on my lighting situation in me sewing cellar and think the pics came out a lot better, thanks to a daylight lamp. However here I want to make the footnote that the blue in block 10 is actually more of a teal in real life, either way it pops nicely.

Till next week for blocks 11 and 12,

Don't forget tonight is:

15 Oct 2015

Friday becomes Farmers Wife 1930s QAL update

Last month I posted about the Farmers Wife 1930s QAL that had started. Then THE retreat happened and I spend longer then anticipated getting back into the flow of things.

Block 1-4
However this last week I have done my very best to catch up. So I present to you all my blocks so far.

Block 5-8
As I was catching up I realised how much I love the steady pace this QAL goes at, but it also became clear that without a routine catching up becomes the name of the game.
Last year during the German Tula Pink QAL I (tried to) got in the habit of posting my blocks on a set day of the week, so I will try that again with the Farmers Wife blocks.
So for tomorrow Block 9 and 10 are on the program.

See you then,

14 Oct 2015

FAL Q4 list

 So for Q4 I decided that I wanted to start 'fresh'. No roll overs from last quarter (gods know I would have had plenty to choose from). I thought about Amys pledge I took a while ago and pondered over what our family needs. This is what I came up with.

Sewingmachine mat in modern minis
Both pattern and fabric is from the lovely Lori Holt. I'm hoping that putting this mat under my machine might make it slightly more quiet or less rattly.

bee blocks/hour basket
A friend had a baby boy a while ago I wanted to send her a little something, but never got round, till now. This one should be finished by hopefully next week.

5 Placemats
I've had these in my mind for a while now, maple leaf placemats. Better get them done before fall is over.

SBC 2012
My ALYOF goal for Oktober, so it makes sense to add to this list.

Tula Pink
After putting all that work in at the simply solids retreat, it seems a shame to not finish the last border and get it quilted. It would make a nice christmas present for Mr Crazybird and myself.

Quilt Niece 1
Middle of december my brother and his wife are expecting twin girls so I wanted to use this quilt top for one of them.

Quilt Niece 2
I am thinking along the line of blowing this block up for niece 2, to make it the same size as niece 1. I even have fabric left from the niece 1 top, so I might use one or more of those fabrics.

Sew together bag
I have signed up to the #zipperpouchswap2016, but since my partner asks for a sewtogether bag I think it is better to start earlier, rather then later.

IG Pillow swap
One more swap I am in with its deadline in this quarter. My partner likes scrappy, so I am planning to make her a scrappy pillow as per pattern from Crazymomquilts Amanda Jean Nyberg.

With the planned placemats it seems predictable to make a table runner as well. Maybe I prioritise the  table runner higher as it would look so lovely and would bring some colour now that the weather is only getting grey, dark and dreary.

That is ten fresh projects to get finished. What are you planning for the rest of this year?

till next time,


13 Oct 2015

Friday is the night

I've signed up for this months Friday Night Sew In (FNSI). 

Wendy over at Sugarlanequilts hosts a lovely Friday night Sew in every third friday of the month.

I love pencilling this evening in my diary, it makes me more dedicated to use that time and so far I've always been pleasantly surprised at how much I progressed in a nice dedicated evening of sewing.

This week I am combining it with the sew night from Modern Cologne Quilters. I can't wait to report about it, it should be fun!

Why don't you join us?

Till next time,

12 Oct 2015

Sewing Retreat a recap

Today two weeks ago I came home from my first ever sewing retreat. It was fantastic!

This was the first thing I saw when I arrived...

It was hosted by the lovely Lisa and Justine from Simply solids. Who did a great job with making everybody feel right at home.

When we first arrived we were given a most generous goody bag.

I had decided to take one project with me, because I really wanted to try to finish this Tula city sampler top.

For the Friday I took part in the drop in session by Lynne about touch draw, which was very enlightening.
After dinner there were a couple of swaps: badges, scraps, FQs.

On the saturday morning I participated on the 'sew together' bag drop in session hosted by the lovely Mandy (@madewithlovebymandy). I have to admit that I was sceptical whether it was possible to finish a sew together bag in the space of 3 hours, but she showed us some crafty shortcuts.

In the afternoon it was time for screen printing with Karin Lewis.

 This was totally new to me, but I had great fun.

I can't wait to make zippy pouch out of my fabrics.

On the sunday morning there was time for one more drop in session:
Lynne's paper piecing drop in session
And in between all of it I sewed very feverish and managed to piece the 100 blocks together.
Tahdah I managed to finish the top....almost
All I need to do now to finish it is piece one more border around it....

My secret sewer really spoiled me.
Over the three days there was also a secret sewer swap that I participated in. I feel very spoiled indeed by my secret sewer. I was lucky enough to receive a lovely goody, goody binding kit, a pincushion glas kilner jar and as a grand finale a Noodlehead tote, All in an art gallery line (indelible) I adore.

Things I learned? Quilters are lovely easy going people, that think nothing of signing up with 29 other complete strangers to sew and I need to take more pictures!

Thank you again to Justine and Lisa, for making this happen and I hope to be there again next year.

Till next time,

5 Oct 2015

ALYOF Oktober goal

My Oktober goal will be my Carftsy 2012 BOM quilt. My very first QAL I participated in. The one that really got me quilting and introduced me to the wonderful world of online quilters.

One of my Modern Cologne friends May told us about this Flickr group she is in: the Lazy bums group. It is a group set up to encourage each other with finishing old UFOs.
Without a moments hesitation I decided to join and the first project that got picked was this one. It needs 4 more blocks and sewing together.

As an extra stick behind the door I deemed it a good idea to make this my Oktober goal for the goal setting party of Melissa and Shanna.

What do you intend on finishing this Oktober?

Till next time,

4 Oct 2015

Elsa Dress long overdue post

Last July my little miss J. turned 5 and wanted to have an Elsa dress.

Originally she had wanted to be Elsa at Karnaval in February, but decided against it when we found a lovely snow white dress.

That gave me some reprieve, but having bought the fabric it seemed a waste not to try it.

It was this snowflake "fabric" (more like tule) that made me decide to go ahead and make the dresss.

I am happy to report it did finish in time for her birthday, I just never got around to write a proper post about it, till now.

I used the McCalls pattern for it and it was easy enough to follow it. I only amended the pattern so that it didn't become a strapless dress, partly because the snowflake fabric is slightly itchy.

This dress was part of my FAL Q3 list.

Till next week,