Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

17 Dec 2015

TGIFF! Disappearing 9 patch

Welcome to all on this TGIFF!

Today I am sharing with you one of my recent finishes. 'About time!', I hear you say? Yes it has been rather quiet on this site since November. BUT there was a reason for that: I have been working like mad on my first teaching courses.

That's right I will be teaching courses in my LQS: Lalala Patchwork, Quilting and more. From this January on I have courses planned on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Check out my Kurse page. I am very excited about this new adventure.

One of the first courses is a beginners baby quilt course. In 4 sessions (thursday evenings) we will make a baby quilt from beginning to end, walking through all the different stages together. For the pattern I decided to take a disappearing nine patch block.

 For this baby quilt I used Art Gallery fabrics from the Gossamer line in lovely pastel shades.

It measures 40" square and the backing is pieced from the scraps I had left after piecing the front.

I love a disappearing  nine patch because it looks like a lot of work, when it really is one of the quickest and simplest blocks to piece.

So what have you finished this week? Please share with us in the link below.

15 Dec 2015

TGIFF hosting

After a few quiet weeks I am popping up to tell you that I am hosting Thank God it's Finish Friday THIS friday!

Besides a cute finish I also have some exciting news!

So make sure you are ready to link your lovelies this Friday here at this space.

Till Friday,