Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

10 Apr 2016

Big Brother

A couple of weeks ago I made a prototype basket (see here). I LOVED how it just melted my scrap pile and made this love basket in the process. So wenn we were invited for lunch today I decided to make a big brother for the hostess.

I used nearly double the amount of cord, but for good comparison I put our little one into the big one we gifted.

It makes an ideal size bread basket, although we did find out the hostess was gluten intolerant....

So she may not be using it for her bread rolls. Nonetheless she loved the basket and I guess it is versatile enough to be given any content really.

I loved making it because it made me occupy myself with some scrap bins and they are actually empty now, which is a novel but great feeling. I need to do more of that in future.

Linking to Lorna on wednesday with her Bee social. And of course with Modern Patch Monday tomorrow over at Modern Cologne Quilters.

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  1. I have made these kinds of bowls for years and they are a fun way to use up scraps. I also have made a handbag and baskets too.

  2. Yes, Iris, I love it so much! Thank you again, it is gracing our coffee table, full of lovely driftwood! Really, it's my favourite new thing. I think you'll have to show me how to make more. :)

  3. Beautiful baskets you have made!! Good use of the scraps.

  4. these are to make something similar as floor rugs