Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

1 Jul 2016

Finish A Long Q3: kickstarting again

Today is the first of the month. I love the first of the month. It is like a new notebook, you know when back in the schooldays you would put in extra effort to keep it neat and tidy? Realistically it very lasted more then 3 pages, but the feeling remains, still.
As the year began I decided to sit out this years round of FAL. Now half way into the year I found that without a list to work too it is very easy to let things slip, which was ok if not necessary for a while. For the 100 day project (which I abandoned half way through) I focussed on my WIP, like so many times before I learnt the hard way (again) that balance is of the essence. So here I am again with some old and some new projects for a Q3 list.

Project 1: 5 Placemats
These were on my Q4 list 2015(!). Maple leaf placemats. Better get them done before fall is over.

Project 2: Tabelrunner

With the planned placemats it seems predictable to make a table runner as well. Maybe I prioritise the  table runner higher as it would look so lovely and would bring some colour now that the weather is only getting grey, dark and dreary.(This too was a left over from my Q4 2015 list)

Project 3: Tula Pink

After putting all that work in at the simply solids retreat (Sept 2015!), it seems a shame to not finish the last border and get it quilted. It would make a nice christmas present for Mr Crazybird and myself.

Project 4: Economie UFO

I want to use this UFO as part of another ESTB quilt I am planning
An UFO that I would like to hand quilt. The blocks come from a Bloggers BOM I followed.

Project 5: Bloggers Block UFO
One of my oldest UFOs I wanted to use this one to practise some hand quilting on.

Project 6: Blueberry park Quilt
I designed my own quilt and want to make it with my Blueberry Park stash.

Project 7: Sewtogether bag
Ever since my first course of the sew together bag I had one half finished sewtogether bag lying around, that one needs to be finished up.

One of the things that became more obvious to me in the time of slow blogging is that my main reason to start blogging was so that I have a way of journalling my projects and processes. So with linking up to FAL will also help me to blog more hopefully.

linking to 
2016 FAL

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  1. Liebe Iris, das sind viele schöne Projekte die du da noch zum fertig stellen hast. Ich liebe diese Maple Leafs und bin gespannt auf den Läufer und/oder Platzsets. Die Blueberry Park Stoffe sind ja auch eine Augenweide. Ein ganzer Quilt ist bestimmt traumhaft. LG Alex.

  2. Hallo meine Liebe,

    so viele Projekte. Respekt. Wenn ich nur halb soviel schaffen würden, denn mir überhaupt vornehmen würde es zu schaffen. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf deine Handquilting und schließe mich Alex' an bezüglich des Blueberrypark. Hast du beim Tula Pink Quilt schon eine Idee, wie du ihn quilten willst?

    Liebe Grüße


    PS: Mir geht es mit dem 1. des Monats genauso wie dir.

  3. Good luck with your list and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!