Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

7 Jan 2016

Happy new year and a first finish

Happy New Year!

I am officially one day too late... the epiphany was yesterday and it has been pointed out to me that one is no longer allowed to wish each other a happy new year. I guess there has to be a cut off point somewhere.
The reason for my absence during the holidays was that I wanted to give my full attention to my family and I am really glad I did. We had a lovely time with many new experiences. This made me ponder about this next year and what (if any) goals I should set for myself. 
Here is what I came up with:
As a family we have exciting things waiting for us: There is an exciting mini break booked in March, Miss J. will start primary school in August to name but a few. So I am generally excited and full of frolics and fiddlededees.

While I didn't go near my sewing machine in the holiday period I did take a little project with me. I dusted of my knitting needles and made myself a scarfthingymygiggy.(for lack of a better english word)

 I took it on my dog walk today. As you can tell from the pictures it is pretty miserable out there.

I was brave enough for a selfie, for modelling purposes of course;). So you know what I mean by scarfthingymegiggy. As it is not a scarf as such, but a round tube.

The indoor picture wasn't any better, but again for modelling purposes.

I decided to teach myself continental style knitting. I was taught english knitting by my mum when I was a kid, but never mastered the continental style. After this scarf I am happy to say I do now.

What lies ahead for you in 2016?

till next time,
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