Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

29 Feb 2016

Modern Patch Monday

I bid you good morning on this last day of the month. This weekend I spent all my sewing time on a trip around the world.

But why not pop over to the modern Cologne quilters blog to read all about it?

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22 Feb 2016

Modern Patch Monday

Welcome to the start of a new week. I hope you had a nice weekend with lots of sewing.

Why not join me on the Modern Cologne Quilters blog where I am hosting the Modern Patch Monday Party? And I will tell you all about mine.

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19 Feb 2016

Disappearing 9 patch twins

I working again on catching up on some of the finishes I had not gotten round to sharing yet. So this week I want to share with you the 2 baby quilts I made at the beginning of the year.

Twin girl 1 quilt front
At the end of November 2015, my brother and sister-in-law became the proud parents of twins baby girls.

Hearts quilted on twin girl 1s quilt
I wasn't quite ready to send in December then January came and went, but in the first week of February I send the quilts and am happy to say the girls (and their papa and mama) were extremely happy with them.

Twin girl 1 quilt back
I chose a disappearing 9 patch block for both quilts, because I love how the cut up blocks can give a scrappy look while still coming together easy and swiftly.

Twin girl 2 front
The girls are fraternal, like my boys. So for the twin element I chose the same pattern, but to emphasise their differences I chose for a few differentiations. To start with the fabric: I decided to go for 2 totally different bundles, but both quits are mostly Dashwoodstudio fabrics.

twin girl 2 flower quilting
I also differentiated in the quilting. The first quilt I quilted with meandering hearts all over, while the second one got meandering flowers.

twin girl 2 quilt back
The last differentiation was the backing. For the first quilt I used fleece as backing, whereas for the second quilt I picked a towelling fabric. 

This was the first foto shoot where my oldest could help me, it was great fun.

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15 Feb 2016

Modern Patch Monday

why don't you join me today over at the Modern Cologne Quilter blog? I will be hosting our weekly link party Modern patch  monday there.

Today I am sharing a pillow a recently made for my daughter who was feeling rather poorly.

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11 Feb 2016

Modern Dresden: a tutorial

Dresden Plate made modern  

This is the tutorial I used for my very first course:'Dresden made modern'
Diese Anleitung gehört zum Kurs ‘Moderner Dresden Plate Platzset’

First we start by cutting different sizes and different fabrics with a dresden ruler
Als erstes fangen wir an mit zuschneiden alle Stoffe. In unterschiedliche Größe.

We then fold these pieces lengthwise in the middle (right sides together) and sew 1/4" on the broadest side.
Die Dresden Plate Stücke falten wir dann in der Länge (Rechte Seite nach innen) und nähen 1/4 inch Nahzugabe die breiteste Seite zu.

This will go fastest if you chain piece, saving time and thread.
Am schnellsten geht es wenn wir sogenanntes: ‘chain piecing’ (kette nähen). Damit sparen wir Zeit und Faden. 

Time to press: we press the right side out so that a little pointy end is formed.
Dann wird gebügelt: Alle Dresdenplate Teile werden mit der rechte Seite nach außen gebügelt.

Now we can choose a layout. A classic dresden plate is a circle, but you can choose to work with half or quarter circles too.
Dann kann man sich für ein Layout entscheiden. Die klassische Dresenplate bildet einen Kreis, so wie oben auf unser Platzset. Man kann auch mit halben oder viertel Kreisen arbeiten.

Once you are happy with the layout, you can start sewing it together.
Wenn man das Layout entschieden hat, kann man anfangen zu nähen
Again 1/4" seam allowance and make sure you take the straight edges at the bottom as a reference. Sew as far as the shortest bit and secure at the end.
Wieder mit 1/4” Nahtzugabe und die geraden Seiten passend Rechts auf Rechts auf einander legen. 
Nur soweit nähen wie das kürzeste Stück und kurz vorher vernähen.

Once your layout is all sewn together, press the seams OPEN, making sure that the seam allowances that didn't get sewn (of the longer bits) also get pressed under. Pin it in place.
Sollte man sich für ein Kreis entschlossen haben, den zu Ende nähen. Nähte OFFEN auseinander bügeln/pressen. Und auf der gewünschte Stelle feststecken mit Nadeln

For the middle circle measure the diameter and draw a circle on H200 fleece with a pair of compasses.
Für die Mitte die Größe des Kreises messen und mit Kreisel in dieser Größen auf ein Stück H200 Vlies auf malen.

Lay the fleece with the glue side (shiny side) on the right side of a piece of fabric and sew on the circle.
Mit der Glanzseite des Vlieses (wo der Kleber ist) auf die rechte Seite des Stoffes legen und einmal rund nähen.

Cut the fleece to turn (just the fleece). You can clip the edge to make turning easier, but this is personal preference.
Zum Wenden das Vlies einschneiden (bitte NUR das Vlies nicht in den Stoff schneiden). Am Außenrand einschneiden bis zur Naht, diese wird das Wenden einfachen machen. 
The circle can now be ironed into place.
Den Kreis an der gewünschten Stelle aufbügeln.

Everything can now be appliquéd in place with a straight stitch at 1/8" seam allowance or a satin stitch, which ever you like best.
An der Außenseite des Dresdenkreises und am aufgebügelten Mittelkreis kantennah (1/8”) annähen.  
I used this technique to make place mats and to decorate my Quiltplanner cover. The possibilities are endless.

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On a trip to Dresden

as mentioned in my previous post I want to catch up on some of the finishes I recently made many of which were as course preparations.

The first course I gave was a Dresden Plate with a modern twist. I even wrote a tutorial on it which I will publish separately. 

Around the christmas holidays I made a couple of place mats and to make them look wintery I was toying with the idea  of ice crystals. I don't know what made me think of the dresden ruler, but I started working with different sizes dresden petals. Et voila, a couple of dresden place mats, winter style:

As background fabric I used linen and H640 iron-on-fleece to give the place mate some sturdiness. I liked the outcome and decided to do another one, but see how it would work with a scrappy look.

This one however I turned into a cover for my quilt planner using Amandas tutorial. It gives a totally different feel, but I equally like it. The whole thing gave me such a buzz and really got my creativity flowing. I haven't seen it done before, but find it hard to believe it hasn't been done before. But the feeling of following your own ideas and impulses is one I wouldn't mind more of.



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10 Feb 2016

Monday will become Modern Patch Monday

I am sad to say we did't have a particular good start to this year. Hence the relatively dry spell here on my blog.

The kids seemed determined to take home every lurgie or bug that was going round. And being sick all at the same time would have been too easy. So for the most of January I 'retrained' as a nurse. We all seemed fine entering into February, but then a stomach bug took hold of the boys one by one. Lets just hope that now that we have Carnaval put behind us, we can all move on.

I will try to catch up on sharing my projects with you. I also want to share my first experiences into teaching with you. And then there are some exciting projects under construction. So exciting things await us.
One of which is:

From next monday onwards I will be hosting a link party for my Modern Cologne Quilters group. We thought it would be nice to have a place where likeminded can come together and share their weekend projects and inspire each other.

Please feel free to share in the fun:
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Grab our button and join us on monday, we would love to see you.

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