Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

17 Apr 2016

Divided basket

This weekend started with a Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) organised by Wendy. For a while I've had my eye on Noodleheads divided basket pattern, so when the girl needed a new bag for her Dutch school I found myself back in the pattern shop. We chose the 241 tote bag for her, and a little something for me too ;).

So on Friday night I cut all the pieces and fused all the fleece/stabiliser. I fully meant to finish it on Saturday, but life happened and a trip to the library took much longer then expected and the husband and I had tickets to a concert that night. 

So I finished it today



The basket came together really easily (as all of Noodle-heads patterns). I will need to have a play with different fleeces. I really want to try it with soft and stable. For this current version I applied H250 and an even stiffer stabiliser for the divider, so it made for a very light basket. I suppose it depends on how you  intend to use it. Since this is my 'test' model I am keeping it. It will be great for storing a scrap project I have in mind.

I'll be hosting this project tomorrow on Modern Patch Monday 
So what have you been up to this weekend?
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10 Apr 2016

Big Brother

A couple of weeks ago I made a prototype basket (see here). I LOVED how it just melted my scrap pile and made this love basket in the process. So wenn we were invited for lunch today I decided to make a big brother for the hostess.

I used nearly double the amount of cord, but for good comparison I put our little one into the big one we gifted.

It makes an ideal size bread basket, although we did find out the hostess was gluten intolerant....

So she may not be using it for her bread rolls. Nonetheless she loved the basket and I guess it is versatile enough to be given any content really.

I loved making it because it made me occupy myself with some scrap bins and they are actually empty now, which is a novel but great feeling. I need to do more of that in future.

Linking to Lorna on wednesday with her Bee social. And of course with Modern Patch Monday tomorrow over at Modern Cologne Quilters.

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