Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

26 May 2016

Sparkle and magic

Hello and welcome to all of you joining me from TGIFF

Today I am sharing a special finish with you. I can do that today, because my partner should receive her pillow today. 
I participated in the latest round of the four seasons pillow swap. When I looked at my partners mosaic there was one picture that I just couldn't ignore. I loved it so much I even added the pic to my own mosaic.  

It is an 18"paper piecing pattern by Robynie. I first made a test pillow that I blogged about here. My daughter was absolutely thrilled. My partner had listed as preferences Rainbow and Blueberry park fabric. That was the ultimate excuse I needed to order some of that great range, like I needed one ;)

Below is the version I send my partner. Normally I like to give a twist to patterns myself and I take mosaics as a starting point, but with this pattern in the mosaic it was too good to pass up. I made the horns from gold shiny fabric. For the quilting I thought an all over would be best for a pillow and stars seemed an obvious choice. The pillow for my daughter had her input to it as well, so the manes became wavy and the eye got eyelashes....

During the making one is suppose to post progress pictures, but I was too scared any picture from the front would give it away. But I did post a little teaser from the back.

for comparison the two side by side
While I am waiting for feedback from my partner, I thought I show you what I received. My partner was very quick in sending it of and I received mine from Sabine on the day I send mine. Coincidentally I made a pillow for Sabine in the last round. I love the linen she used with the bold colours. It suits my sofa perfectly.

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22 May 2016

Hands2Help challenge 2016

I participated in the Hands2help challenge 2016 hosted by Sarah.

She chose 3 charities to who you can donate a quilt. I choose to donate my quilt to Happy Chemo, an organization that provides quilts and comfort for chemo patients.

I posted about this quilt before here where I explained how the top became the way it is.

 After that post I set of to Dorthes Shop where I spend 2 hours on the longarm.
I was my first time quilting a quilt on the longarm so I decided to stick to what I knew and just have fun.

 I do think it works really well uniting all the blocks together to one quilt.

For the binding I opted for a tone in tone grey, rather then a scrappy binding which was my first idea and I am glad I changed my mind. I am really chuffed with how this quilt came together and am very proud to send it to such a good cause.

 I didn't want to deprive you of this action shot;)
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8 May 2016

making blocks work together

We have had the most splendid bank holiday weekend. Lots of sun, lots of outdoor activity, Barbecues, and even a reasonable amount of sewing.

On Thursday we went on a lovely day hike. I was really impressed with my kids managing a 8 km walk (and it only took us 4,5 hours ;))

As for sewing I managed to pieced one top and its backing. This top is part of my #100dayproject.  If you have never heard about this check @elleluna on instagram. 

This time around I decided to concentrate on my WIPs. This top is made of blocks I received from the first ever bee I participated in and a load of blocks I received from swaps on swap-bot

The reason why they were stuffed into the bottom of a drawer was that they were of very different sizes. The block I proposed as a bee block was Friendship circle. It is a paper piecing block and I had requested it grey, aqua and orange. The blocks sadly came in a variety of sizes from 12 till 13,5 Inch. When I recently found them in my drawer I decided to make them work together by adding wonky sashing. It beautifully hides the differences in sizes, the blocks are now all 14,5 inch.

The backing was pieced from scraps and left over blocks. Thanks to my little helpers the wind didn't stop me from photographing it outside :).

I am now all set up to go to Dorthe tomorrow morning and have a play on her brand new Q24 Bernina Long arm machine.

I hope you have been enjoying your mothers day weekend too!

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